The President’s address to the Federal Assembly: the reaction of officials, politicians and experts

The President’s address to the Federal Assembly: the reaction of officials, politicians and experts

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 3 December made the traditional address to the Federal Assembly. The address of the President to the Parliament has become the 22nd in the latest Russian history and 12th for Putin.

The message of Vladimir Putin to the quotes

Reaction to the speech of the head of state in the material.

“The lack of new international initiatives it is logical”

The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev considers absolutely logical that the message of the President of the Russian Federation of new radical initiatives on the international agenda.

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Putin: Russia will not be saber-rattling, but Turkey tomatoes don’t cut it

“For those who expected some radical major new initiatives from the President, perhaps, was the disappointment of their absence. For me this situation is absolutely logical, because all the initiatives that Russia could in this difficult situation to sound, it is voiced, and voiced repeatedly, comprehensively and as transparently as possible,” said Konstantin Kosachev to journalists.

“Now the point is not to continue to forward some initiatives, but to make our partners a deeper, more responsible understanding of the security risks that exist for all, and a deeper understanding of what you can deal with them only together,” said the Senator. However Kosachev considers it important that the international theme was in the speech of the President of the Central.

“I understand that we have a conflict with Turkey is not a surface”

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on defense, Admiral Vladimir Komoedov said that he was impressed with the strong position of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Turkey. “It was said in the case. I understand that we have a conflict with Turkey is not superficial,” said Komoedov.

Russia remains committed to constructive dialogue – Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirms that will communicate with the Turkish foreign Minister, “but the resolve of our Supreme commander impresses me,” said the Admiral. He also noticed that the head of state again, “confirmed the words of dishonesty this (Turkish) authorities about the theft, illegally purchased oil”.

“The reference points of the integration processes”

“The President has clearly defined datum point for further integration processes – and the EEU and the SCO, and APEC. Integration on the Eurasian continent need to step up and find a specific between the line interface between the Eurasian economic Union and the economic belt of the silk road,” – said the head of the Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian integration and relations with compatriots Leonid Slutsky. “This is the basis of our common Eurasian way, where Russia next 100 years will play a leading role”, he added.

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Putin called for the establishment of economic partnership of the countries of the EEU, the SCO and ASEAN

According to the head of the Committee, “the message was never as clear and structured”. “Justified, it began with the theme of combating international terrorism in Syria, with the line that we live on the far outskirts of Russia, protecting the national security of the country. It was the corner unit,” says Slutsky. In this case, he added, “it is important that speaking of the treacherous action of the Turkish air force shot down Russian su-24 bomber over Syria, the President clearly stated that Russia is not against the Turkish people”.

“We have a lot of friends, reliable partners. We are against only the part of the Turkish authorities, which had no qualms about making money together with the terrorists of the (is prohibited in the Russian Federation terrorist group) ISIS, providing them with aiding,” he said.

“A brilliant military anti-terrorist”

“The parties wanted to hear more about the upcoming election campaign. Not because this issue concerns us, and due to the fact that it guarantees stability within the state in a difficult time in the international arena”, – said the first Deputy Chairman of the state Duma from the CPRF Ivan Melnikov. According to him, despite the fact that the President said the right words about fair competition, “remains a number of specific unresolved issues that while fair competition is not conducive”. Melnikov expressed the hope that the opportunity to ask these questions to the President there will be more.

As the politician said, “in spirit, mood, integrity, compliance with the atmosphere of a particular historical moment, the message will play an important role”. In his opinion, the President’s speech was “a brilliant military anti-terrorist unit”. First Deputy Chairman of the state Duma also noted the block in Putin’s speech that is associated with the independence of a commodity market of Russia. “Sure, the whole Parliament, all the factions are in this business to help and contribute,” he added.

He praised the extension of the maternity capital programme for two years. “Well, what thoroughly and sensitively talked about kindergartens and schoolchildren, the introduction of liability of insurance companies in the mandatory medical insurance system. Correct strong initiative: to take away agricultural land from those who use them for other purposes,” – said Melnikov.

“We want to take from society in Parliament the best of the best”

“The President’s message was addressed to all political forces”, – considers Vice-the speaker of the state Duma, the leader of the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasiliev.

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Putin: competition for the 2016 elections should be fair and transparent

“Very important to me was the phrase: the results of the election was never in doubt in humans. To do this, now everything is prepared”, – said the head of the faction on the TV channel “Russia 24”. “In particular, if we talk about the party “United Russia”, this year we are introducing very significant changes in the requirements for the candidates,” he said. “For us it is very important that all the participants in the primaries during the registration provided a certificate of no criminal record is a mandatory rule that is not in other parties,” he emphasized, adding that “we are too dear the price we pay for the theft and corruption, especially in the higher echelons of power”.

To candidates from “United Russia” are requirements that now apply to MPs – provides information about income and expenses, property and accounts abroad, said the Vice speaker. “I don’t want it then that person supported the party that was included in the list, and then removed “skeletons in the closet” – he explained. Vasiliev noted that in the state Duma for it has repeatedly deprived of mandates of deputies from different factions, but now the faction of United Russia this occurs rarely when viewed in percentages. “Now, I think, will be even less. We want to take from society in Parliament the best of the best”, he concluded.

“The most important social news”

The most important “social” news in the message of the President was the decision to extend the maternity capital programme, said Vice-Premier of the RF government Olga Golodets. “We were waiting for this decision, and it came from the mouth of the President today. A great joy, perhaps, for the whole country”, – said the Golodets. She also mentioned the important decision of the President to support the development of school education. “It concerns every citizen of the Russian Federation, in very difficult conditions is allocated to the programme next year is 50 billion rubles”.

“I must admit that today we received a wonderful several groundbreaking programs for schooling, and I’m sure we implement them exactly as we have implemented projects on pre-school education, which many Russian families felt themselves”, – said Deputy Prime Minister. No less significantly, according to Golodets, and the decision of the head of the state to support the provision of the population with tertiary care and development of emergency aid system.

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The labour Ministry would soon prepare a bill to extend the program netcapital

The head of the Duma Committee on family, women and children Olga Epifanova (“Fair Russia”) does not exclude that the program of the parent capital can be extended more than 2 years. The same opinion was expressed by the head of the Federation Council Committee on social policy Valery Ryazansky. “The President very clearly said that you have enough money, will receive the maternity capital all… for at least another two years – 2017 and 2018. I’m happy,” said she to reporters.

“Maybe the government will make us happy, and get more long term (the renewal program),” added the MP. Epifanova believes that the draft law on extension program netcapital will be prepared and submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Russian Federation. She assured that the state Duma is ready for its legislative implementation.

According to Valery Ryazansky, the Chairman of Committee of Federation Council on social policy, “the Federation Council strongly supported the decision on prolongation of the maternity capital programme”. “It is clearly visible that the programme had produced results, gave me confidence”, he stressed. According to the Senator, despite the pessimistic predictions of demographers, “we plyusuem the third year in a row”. Ryazansky believes that in 2017 and 2018 “there will appear some additional resources, to determine the further need to maintain such high measures to boost the birth rate”. “I think that this program will continue to be saved for obvious reasons,” said the Senator.

On prolongation of the maternity capital programme

Vladimir Putin in his annual address to the Federal Assembly, said that he considered it necessary to extend the program of the parent capital for at least two years. “We said before that we will have to consider whether we, as financiers say, is to endure, will we be able to ensure it is reliable and pay. We can, in spite of any problems,” the President said.

“Support for entrepreneurship and the economy in General”

“It is extremely important that the President paid special attention to questions of support of freedom of entrepreneurship, reduction of administrative pressure on entrepreneurs and, in fact, called for an end to “nightmare” business. The extension Amnesty of capital, the creation of a single mechanism of fiscal administration charges, elimination of superfluous and duplicating functions of control and oversight bodies should also contribute to the support of entrepreneurship and economy as a whole”, – said the head of the Duma Committee on economic policy, President of the Association of regional banks of Russia Anatoly Aksakov.

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Putin: freedom of enterprise is critical to the development

According to him, Putin voiced in circulation in Parliament the measures to encourage entrepreneurial activity and state support of manufacturers are complex, and the implementation of these measures will have a lasting positive effect for the Russian economy.

Aksakov notes that many of the issues associated with reducing administrative pressure on business, have already worked in the Duma Committee on economic policy, a number of bills already adopted by the state Duma. “We need to continue this work, a large block of issues also need to be addressed to the government, including accelerating the development of by-laws,” – said the head of the Duma Committee.

To work on the development of the economy will be and specific measures proposed by the President of the Russian Federation, believes Aksakov. Among such measures he mentioned the doubling of the capital of the Fund of industrial development, the creation of the Agency for technological development, measures to develop corporate bond market, in support of agriculture. The funds earmarked for the social sphere, for example, in the framework of the announced program of reconstruction and construction of new schools, also indirectly work to revitalize the economy of regions of Russia. “In the current economic and political situation can only be supported based on efficient use of internal resources to ensure financial and economic security of the country”, – said Aksakov.

“Crime in the business sector should be punished economic measures”

The head of the Duma Committee on civil, criminal, arbitration and procedural legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov supports the provisions of the message of the President of the Russian Federation on the liberalization of criminal penalties against the business. “I support, of course! A large proportion of crime in the business sector should be punished it economically, the penalties are multiples of the damage”, he said.

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Putin asks deputies to support the proposal on decriminalization of several articles of the criminal code

In the opinion Krasheninnikov, decriminalization of the criminal law against entrepreneurs “can be in two forms”. “The first is to transfer to the administrative plane, i.e. in the code of administrative offences of minor compounds (criminal code), and the second component is to replace terms of imprisonment, significant fines (criminal code) times the amount of damages”, – said the head of the Committee.

Krasheninnikov added that “it must be done in the first place, since the management is overloaded with articles related to the deprivation of liberty”. “Must be carried out laborious work on selection of such articles,” he said. Krasheninnikov also noted that a number of minor compositions of the criminal code related to theft, also can be transferred to the administrative plane. “In terms of minor compounds (criminal code), theft of something that can translate to the Administrative code, and something to leave in the form of criminal fines and correctional works, deprivation of freedom,” he admits.

The head of the Duma Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Vladimir Pligin supports the provisions of the message of the President of the Russian Federation on the liberalization of criminal penalties against the business. “Decriminalization and the establishment of administrative responsibility for a range of compositions is absolutely possible,” he told journalists. The head of the Committee also allows for the transfer to the Russian Federation Code of administrative offences a number of criminal compositions, which relate to minor theft.

Commenting on the proposed reduction in the jury number of jurors from 12 to 5-7, Pligin said that it was logically linked with the idea of expanding compositions that may address the jury. “It’s about building the Institute works with the jury. As you noticed in the President’s proposal raises the question of the expansion of the number of trains which can be heard by a jury. Naturally, the question arises about the number of a jury, and a Board of 12 people is quite difficult to form, so this practice will be easier to secure a jury that will be less than 12 people”, – said the head of the Committee.

A jury in the Russian Federation. Dossier

On decriminalization of several articles of the criminal code

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in the message to the Federal Assembly has asked deputies to support the proposal on the decriminalization of several articles of the criminal code. Including, about the need to reduce pressure on business, both administrative and law enforcement bodies. According to the President, last year, it was opened 200 thousand criminal cases on economic crimes, but only 15% ended with a verdict. “The vast majority of entrepreneurs, which were routine cases, lost business. It turns out they were oppressively, pulled and released”, – said the head of state.

“Help in the fight against corruption”

The request of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the heads of law enforcement agencies to respond to the signals of the activists of the project of the Russian popular front (onf) “For fair procurement” will help in the fight against corruption, said the co-Chairman of the Central headquarters of the popular front, Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Alexander Brechalov.

“The fact that the message was the emphasis of the heads of regions and law enforcement bodies on interaction with activists of the project “For fair procurement” is a big deal, primarily for those people who believed in the project, that corruption can be fought, and which exercise social control”, – said Brechalov. He also drew attention to the fact that the President has criticized the excessive activity of law enforcement bodies in the sphere of business.

Thus Brechalov noted that civil society activists can “put an end to this decades long mess – this “novel” between law enforcement and business.”

The impetus for the development of NGOs

Vice-speaker of the Federation Council Galina Karelova considers that the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin to support area non-profit organizations (NPOs) will contribute to the expansion and development of this sector.

“Now the share of socially oriented non-profit organizations of the total number of NPOs in our country is only 13.5%. Increasing government attention to their work, financial support for NGOs, improvement of their status will give impetus to the involvement in the social sector a greater number of non-profit organizations,” said Karelova told reporters. She also noted that the proposed head of state measure must be supported at the legislative level.

In this context, the Senator recalled the draft law on volunteering, which is in preparation and “what is more, causes a sharp rejection by the volunteer community”. “You must return to active public discussion and to consider the opinions of socially oriented NGOs and Refine the document, making the law an effective tool of support and development,” she said Karelova.

The initiatives of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the development of NGOs will allow you to flip the structure of the nonprofit sector and increase the number of socially oriented NGOs to 70% of their total number. Such opinion in interview was stated by the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) Konstantin Kostin.

“Today we have 70% of the NCOs perform Supervisory and expert functions but all over the world – on the contrary,” he said, expressing confidence that “the President’s initiatives reversed it.” As a result of their implementation, the expert said, “70% of NPOs to provide social services”. “And the message clearly States that the state is willing to Fund it,” said Kostin. He noted that human rights NGOs, consulting citizens, also belong to the sphere of social services.

The development of NGOs

The President has proposed a number of initiatives for the development of non-profit organizations (NPOs). He announced the launch of a new program for the allocation of presidential grants to NGOs working in small towns and villages, NGOs that have proven themselves as excellent partners of the state, a legal status “for NGOs by the public utility services” and provided a number of benefits. In addition, the President called on regional and municipal authorities “to gradually guide the NGOs to 10% of the funds of regional and municipal social programs that these organizations could participate in the delivery of social services that are financed from the budget”.


“Good homework”

The leader of the party “Fair Russia” Sergey Mironov believes the President of the Russian Federation “good homework” for government and parliamentarians. “Instructions have been given and the government in General, and specifically (Prime Minister Dmitry) Medvedev. The same orders were given to the Federal Assembly, from the point of view of initiatives of the President”, – said Mironov reporters. Among the key topics the leader of just Russia highlighted the problem of agriculture. He indicated that the message was first given such attention to agrarian problems and set the task by 2020 to be self-sufficient domestic food supply.

“A balanced message”

The former head of the Ministry of Finance, the head of Committee of civil initiatives Alexei Kudrin called the message of the Russian President balanced.

“The message is quite balanced. And transition support to the population in need, and some relief to the business. Stresses the importance of free enterprise and recognizes the dominance of security officers. Only to get rid of the press of criminal cases and the destruction of business is impossible without reform of the security forces,” – said Kudrin. He also noted that today the performance of many tasks has been hamstrung by the inefficiency of public administration, “especially in new solutions (oil workers, truckers, etc)”.

“A set of measures for a favourable business climate”

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Medvedev expects that the Department will begin immediately to implement the provisions of Putin’s message

Amnesty of capitals will give the result for the economy only in combination with other measures on formation of favorable business climate, told journalists the Chairman of Committee of Council of Federation on budget and financial markets Sergey Ryabukhin.

“Amnesty itself, in isolation from all other factors, will not work, it was clear a year ago, it has emphasized the President and now,” said the Senator, adding that “this proposal was made in the presidential address in the whole complex of measures that he announced”. Among such measures Ryabukhin said revitalizing the role of the Agency for strategic initiatives and the formation of the export center. “These tools are designed to create favorable conditions for business activity”, – said the MP.

He also believes that the high numbers of attracting businessmen to criminal prosecution, resulting in “closed tens of thousands of businesses” suggests “that the favorable climate, unfortunately, not created”. “This means that all declared in the previous message to rectify the situation, it’s a rebuke to the government and all the institutions that were supposed to create a favourable climate for business activity,” said Ryabukhin.

Amnesty of capitals

Vladimir Putin has proposed to extend for six months the Amnesty of capital and simplify its implementation. The head of state noted that “business does not hurry to take advantage of this opportunity and, therefore, the procedure is difficult, warranties is not enough”. The President asked the government to hold additional consultations with the business community, with the Supreme court, with law enforcement and “make appropriate adjustments”.

Under current law, owners of foreign property and Bank deposits to avoid administrative and tax liability for concealment of property, if they legalize it July 1 through December 31, 2015 Directly to the withdrawal of the property from offshore in the framework of legalization is not taxed (after translating it to Russian jurisdiction taxes imposed on a common basis). Legalization only applies to violations that occurred prior to 1 January 2015, According to media reports, by early December 2015, filed the Declaration in the context of capital legalization only a few hundred people.

“The message of security, legal guarantees and economic freedom”

“The President laid emphasis on the development of the country, its economy and social sphere. The President noted that our economic viability will allow the country to be independent, to protect their interests to fight terrorism”, – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Fund “Institute of socio-economic and political studies” Dmitry Badovsky. The basis of this, according to the expert, “is the ability to solve problems of social and economic development.” In this context, Badovsky believes the President’s visit to Crimea and the opening of the power bridge before “part of Alania”. “We need to solve complex problems of development of the country,” he said.

“Most important has been the emphasis on quality and efficiency in the economic segment, in foreign policy, substantive conversation,” – said the President of Center of strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov.

The General Director of Agency of political and economic communications Dmitry Orlov has described the President’s address as a “Message of economic freedom”. “This is a message of security, legal guarantees and economic freedom. Was given a very clear signal and the Prosecutor, and inquiry, and the investigation of entrepreneurs”, – said the expert.