Putin has charged to accelerate the adjustment of energy tariffs in the far East

Moscow. December 4. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin instructed the government to expedite the decision on electricity tariffs in the far East.

“I instruct the government to expedite the decision on alignment of tariffs for the far Eastern regions, where they are significantly above the national average,” said he, addressing his annual message to the Federal Assembly.

As reported earlier, Putin proposed to approve attractive to consumers and investors in the electricity tariffs for each region of the Far East. Was requested to prepare proposals for the compensation of losses arising from the reduction in electricity tariffs, attractive to investment level. The tariff reduction should not negatively impact on the operations of far East energy.

It was planned that to the price of the wholesale market in price zones of the Russian Federation may be introduced by the premium which will offset the price increase for electricity in the far East non-pricing zones. In particular, the newspaper “Kommersant” wrote that the Russian Ministry for development of the Far East considers it necessary to subsidize the electricity tariffs in the region at the expense of consumers of the wholesale market of Russia more than 100 billion roubles annually.

In turn, the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of economic development supported the idea to increase the dividends of JSC “RusHydro”, “daughter” which deals with the far Eastern power industry, up to 60% of net profit, then the budget will receive about 12 billion rubles annually, which could be used to compensate.