The Federation Council is preparing a project on the deprivation of citizenship of international terrorists

The Federation Council is preparing a project on the deprivation of citizenship of international terrorists

In addition to the denationalization of international terrorists would also deprive their relatives of the right of departure for limits of Russia, Chairman of the defense Committee of the Federation Council Viktor Ozerov.

MOSCOW, 4 Dec. In the defense Committee of the Federation Council prepares the bill providing for the deprivation of Russian citizenship of those who participate in terrorist organizations abroad, and their relatives are supposed to be deprived of the right of departure for limits of Russia.

“We are currently in the Committee preparing this bill, we will be ready to submit it to the Duma in late December,” — said the Chairman of the Committee Viktor Ozerov.

On Friday deputies of Dagestan in the Duma introduced a bill to deprive of the Russian citizenship of those involved outside the country in terrorist activities. In addition, citizenship is proposed to deprive those who participate or participated in the Commission at international, inter-ethnic, inter-territorial or other armed conflict acts against the Russian contingent of peacekeeping forces and hindering the execution of their peacekeeping functions, or directed against the Armed forces of Russia.

“It’s an effective measure against those wishing to engage in international terrorism,” — said Ozerov. He recalled that the proposal to develop such a bill was heard in November during a visiting session of the defence Committee of the Federation Council in Ingushetia. “And Dagestan, and Ingushetia propose such a measure as deprivation of nationality, and they know better than us that can keep terrorist activities,” the Senator said.

The Deputy head of the constitutional Committee of the state Duma Dmitry Vyatkin after the bill Dagestani deputies once again reminded that the Constitution prohibits to deprive the Russians of citizenship. The Constitution States that “the citizen of the Russian Federation may not be deprived of his nationality or right to change it” (article 6). The Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko has previously stated that the proposal to deprive helpers of terrorists of citizenship contrary to the Constitution and to change the basic law is not worth it.

Article 6 is included in the Chapter on “the Foundations of constitutional order”, which can be changed only in a very complicated manner — through the adoption of a new Constitution. For this purpose, convened a Constitutional Convention in accordance with the special law, which has not yet been adopted. The decision to convene the constitutional Assembly of Parliament by a majority of 60%. Assembled the Constitutional Assembly either confirms the immutability of the existing Constitution, or developing a new one — and then endorses him by a majority of two-thirds or submit to the national referendum. While the referendum may not be held in the last year of powers of the state Duma (the current powers expire in December 2016).