Pushkov: in the state Duma do not see the possibility of people on the parliamentary level with Turkey

Pushkov: in the state Duma do not see the possibility of people on the parliamentary level with Turkey

MOSCOW, December 7. The state Duma does not see the possibility of contacts on the highest parliamentary level with Turkey, LDPR and “Fair Russia” will continue the interaction with the deputies outside the ruling party.

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This was stated by the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei Pushkov, speaking about the Committee’s developed proposals, which were reviewed by the leadership of the state Duma. In particular, we are talking about the position of the state Duma of the contacts with the Turkish Parliament.

“In the foreseeable future the state Duma sees no possibility for contacts at Executive highest parliamentary level between the state Duma and Parliament of Turkey,” he said. “And the leadership of the state Duma, fraction “United Russia” do not see any opportunity for any contact with the ruling party which supports the actions of the Turkish leadership, including hostile actions towards Russia”, – said Pushkov.

Thus, according to him, the liberal Democrats and just Russia will continue its cooperation with the Turkish parliamentarians, who are not included in the ruling party. “Those contacts that the Russian deputies existed, in particular, such parties like a just Russia, the liberal democratic party, with Turkish parliamentarians, who are not in the ruling party, they will be saved. These contacts we intend to continue and develop,” he said.

On resuming official contacts

Pushkov pointed out that the resumption of full contacts is possible if Ankara would take steps to normalize. “In the future, if the Turkish government will take the necessary steps to normalize relations, then perhaps the resumption of official contacts with the Turkish Parliament under the individual specialized committees,” he explained.

This position of the state Duma reflects the extremely challenging phase of Russian-Turkish relations, in which they were the fault of the Turkish leadership, and, of course, I believe, should take a long time, and from the Turkish side needs to be demonstrated as serious, rather than purely rhetorical willingness to normalize relations. Only this will allow the full resumption of our contacts, which, incidentally, were very diverse and fruitful to strike at Russian aircraft”, – said the head of the relevant Committee.

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The MP drew attention to the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin that in Russia separate the policymakers who are responsible for the sharp deterioration of Turkish-Russian relations, and the Turkish people. “We proceed from the fact that it is not the parliamentarians took the decision to strikes by Russian aircraft”, – said Pushkov.

Earlier, the speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin noted that the incident with the Russian plane had a negative impact on Russian-Turkish inter-parliamentary relations, it is unknown when they will return to the old atmosphere of trust. “I don’t know when in our parliamentary relations between Russia and Turkey will return to the old trust and friendly atmosphere”, – he admitted.

The crisis in relations between Moscow and Ankara has arisen in connection with the incident on November 24 in the skies over Syria near the border with Turkey, where Russian su-24 bomber was shot down by a fighter jet of Turkish air force. According to Ankara, the aircraft violated the airspace of Turkey near the border with Syria.

The defense Ministry claims that the su-24M was extremely over Syrian territory and that “violations of the airspace of Turkey.” The Russian President warned that the attack on the bomber would have “serious consequences” for bilateral relations.