The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation: the supply of consumers of the Crimea is carried out in full

The Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation: the supply of consumers of the Crimea is carried out in full

MOSCOW, December 8. /TASS /. The supply to consumers of the Crimean Federal district (CFD) is carried out in full. It follows from the data of the Ministry of energy of the Russian Federation as of 07:00 Moscow time.

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According to the records of the office, December 8 at 01:37 included in the work of VL 220 KV “Kakhovka – Titanium – Krasnoperekopsk”. Total generation in the Crimea taking into account flow from the UES of Russia and Ukraine, amounts to 769 MW.

Flows from NEC “Ukrenergo” amounted to 104 MW.

Just for restoring power supply of socially significant and infrastructure projects included in the work 2 677 backup power supply total power 272,29 MW. Works on connection of consumers continue.

Electricity supplied to the Crimea from the Kherson region of Ukraine by four transmission lines. However, all four transmission lines were damaged due to the actions of Ukrainian radicals on November 22, as a result, the supply was discontinued.

Limited supplies

Kiev started the supply of electricity to the Crimea in the amount of 120 MW .

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“December 8, line 220 kV Kakhovka – Titanium connected. Load as of 08:00 (9:00 GMT) the morning is 120 MW installed load limit – 200 MW”, – stated in the message.

Connected to only one transmission line Kakhovka – Titanium is not essential for the supply of Crimea. The restoration of this line, as repeatedly confirmed by the head of Ministry of Ukraine Volodymyr Demchyshyn, due exclusively to the necessity to resume the supply of electricity in the Kherson region, which already began rolling off. The transmission line Kakhovka – Titanium only partly enters on the territory of Crimea back to Ukraine, providing only two settlements on the Peninsula.

Full replacement

On the evening of 2 December the President of Russia Vladimir Putin launched the energy bridge, the first line which began shipping in the Crimea electricity from Kuban.

By the beginning of the summer season, Putin instructed completely replace in Crimea electricity previously obtained from Ukraine.

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It is about the introduction into service of two more thread power bridge with a capacity of 200 MW each. “In may, I would like you to do this as quickly as possible, to prepare for the summer season, so that was another 400 MW (power sent to the Crimea by concrete developments from the Kuban region – approx.TASS), and we therefore would fully replaced the drop-down electricity from Ukraine, as a whole, even a little more would have happened,” said Putin.

In General, the connection of the Crimean power system with unified power system of Russia on four submarine cables with a total capacity of 800 MW involves the creation of two new substations and the construction of more than 500 km of high voltage transmission lines.

According to Putin, “we need to synchronize with the gas companies, builders of thermal power plants in 2017 to provide additional own generation of Crimea”.