Putin has charged to the 23rd of December to prepare a bill to extend the Amnesty of capital

MOSCOW, December 9. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has charged to the government by 23 December to prepare amendments to the legislation extending the Amnesty of capital.

The corresponding list of instructions on implementing the presidential address to the Federal Assembly, published on the Kremlin website.

“To provide entering into the legislation of the Russian Federation changes providing for the extension of the period for voluntary Declaration of assets and accounts (deposits) in banks until July 1, 2016”, – stated in the document.

During the annual address to the Federal Assembly on 3 December, Russian President Vladimir Putin has proposed to extend for six months the Amnesty of capital and simplify its implementation.

Last week, Deputy Finance Minister Sergei Shatalov said that the Ministry of Finance in the coming weeks expects to complete consultations on amending the law on the legalization of capital, while the Ministry has a clear idea of how you can make this program more popular.

The Deputy Minister pointed out that while the form of preparation of the amendment in the form of a single package of amendments or otherwise – is not defined. However, he believes that “it would be most correct to make a single package”.