Zyuganov spoke about three dangers that threaten the Russian Federation

Zyuganov spoke about three dangers that threaten the Russian Federation

MOSCOW, December 10. The leader of the CPRF Gennady Zyuganov has formulated three main dangers, in his opinion, threaten Russia: it is an American action on the world markets, the social division and maintaining a liberal course of the government of the Russian Federation.

“The country now has three danger. It’ll attempt a pincer movement, the Americans have prepared the relevant documents, (in order) to extrude from European markets and not let Asian”, – said Zyuganov at a press conference V.

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© Anna Isakova/press service of the state Duma of the Russian Federation/TASS

Zyuganov: the current situation requires a substantial increase in the budget

“We have a social schism has reached a critical level, when 10% of the richest already own almost 90% of all wealth”, continued the Communist leader. He warned that “inevitably will spark and ignite, if the rich would become richer and the citizens poorer”.

“And, third, deepening financial and economic crisis, in the midst of it we have. The largest decline in production – GDP minus 4%, in industry more than 3 – today has covered the whole industry,” – said Zyuganov.

He stated that to remedy the situation “should take measures”, but noted that he did not hear the relevant “concerns” in the interview Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Wednesday. “Still justify the liberal course and try to blame the Soviet era. While milking the oil cow, which was created by Soviet era”, – claimed the politician.

The leader of the Communist party, invited the United Russia to a debate

Gennady Zyuganov, invited the representatives of “United Russia” in the debates ahead of elections to the state Duma.

“It is critical for us to hold fair elections… We invite United Russia to be with us for the debate,” he said at a press conference V.

Zyuganov recalled that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly stressed that Duma elections should be open, honest, and legitimate.

“These elections must be the trust of the citizens of the country… If you’ll continue to steal votes and to ascribe, citizens will be dissatisfied,” said the Communist leader.

He added that “rig showed that, once organized and in unison begin to speak, the government begins to think and to do something”.

The Communist party complains of a wave of “anti-Soviet” in Russia

Representatives of the CPRF believes that Russia has “another round of anti-Soviet”, under which they understand the emergence of a number of public and legislative initiatives.

“Since August, we deal with another round of interview which consists of a series of initiatives” – said at a press conference in the Deputy Chairman of the CPRF Central Committee Dmitri Novikov.

Among them he referred, in particular, the approval of the concept of perpetuation of memory of victims of political repressions, after which, says Novikov, “on went on increasing”.

“A whole series of legislative initiatives – to prevent the rehabilitation of Stalinism, to prohibit, to punish, to establish a day of remembrance of the Romanov dynasty, to assign some reason on this day, November 7, and so on”, – was pointed out by the representative of Communist party. In addition, in his view, to a manifestation of “anti-Soviet” and is “an attempt to rename the station “Voykovskaya” in Moscow”

A Meeting Of The Comintern

The Communist party plans to hold a “meeting of the Comintern” in Russia in the fall of 2016, which wants to invite the representatives of workers ‘ parties around the world.

“We plan to hold a kind of “meeting of the Comintern” – the meeting of Communist and workers ‘parties, of which there are nearly 70 different countries” – said the first Deputy Chairman of state Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Kalashnikov at a press conference V.

“We will hold her in our country, apparently, will do it after the elections (to the Duma in September 2016),” said he.