Lavrov: Moscow does not accept the schemes under section Syria

Lavrov: Moscow does not accept the schemes under section Syria

/TASS/. Russia rejects schemes under section Syria. This was stated by Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking at the conference “the Mediterranean: Roman dialogue”.

“We are against division of Syria. The new Constitution should be guarantees for different groups, but there should be schemes for the separation of the country,” Lavrov said.

Who will determine the future of Syria

The future of Syria must be determined by Syrians, believes the Russian Minister.

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“Of course, combating terrorism should be accompanied by efforts for a political settlement – Lavrov said. – From the outset, Russia has been making active efforts for a negotiated solution to the Syrian crisis”.

“These principles are reflected in the Geneva communiqué of 30 June 2012, as enshrined in UN security Council resolution and were developed in the final documents of the Vienna meeting, he continued. – We support the independence and unity of Syria, a secular state in which all ethnic and religious groups have equal rights and opportunities”.

“The key to success in unconditional adherence to the principles of the Geneva communiqué and the Vienna agreements: the future of Syria should be determined by the Syrians themselves,” – said the Minister.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry reminded about the two tasks of formation of a representative delegation of the Syrian opposition for talks with the government and making the list of terrorist groups, which would not extend the ceasefire, and they will not be included in the political process.

Russia calls for elections to solve the issue of (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad, if his fate is the main problem, also the Russian diplomat said.

“Until the sides sit at the negotiation table and begin the discussion, no concrete results, he said. – The atmosphere is beneficial to antagonistic positions, not for their coordination through dialogue”.

“They say that the Sunnis in Syria hate Assad, if that’s a problem, then spend early election and defeat him in the election, if he will participate,” Lavrov added.

On the work of the support group Syria

International support group Syria could meet next week if will be agreed lists of terrorists and the opposition, said Lavrov.

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As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

“If these “homeworks” will be fulfilled (two lists will be agreed upon), I think that already next week an international group supporting Syria could meet.”

Russia will do everything to contribute to an international conference on Libya, held in Rome on 13 December, the Minister said.

As the Minister said, in Libya “practically ceased to exist state”. “We fully support the efforts of the UN aimed to facilitate national reconciliation in Libya, Lavrov emphasized. – And we will do our best to contribute to the conference, to be held in Rome the day after tomorrow”.

Earlier in interview to the Italian media the Russian foreign Minister noted that “the meeting on Libya, which was proposed by Italy, the US and the UN, of course, important.” “We are sure it will participate, Lavrov emphasized. I know many countries will participate at the level of Deputy Ministers or Ministers on regional Affairs”. However, the Minister expressed the view that “no matter how this meeting goes, it will not solve all problems.”


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