Putin supported the verification of the validity of payments for major repairs

Moscow. December 11. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposals of the Commissioner for human rights in Russia Ella Pamfilova concerning the validity of payments citizens for utility services, in particular payment for the repair.

“I prepared the system proposals in this regard. The President supported them yesterday and requested the government to take seriously my proposals, because they are prepared on the basis of serious work with many experts,” – said Pamfilova in a live TV channel “Russia 24”.

Putin’s meeting with Pamfilova took place the day before in the Kremlin.

Pamfilova noted that a cross-cutting theme of her conversation with the head of state was “to prevent unjustified increase in a payment, which puts a heavy burden on the ordinary citizen”. As an example, the Commissioner for human rights brought charges truckers. “We must not allow that tomorrow he was without work, in debt, and his family lined up for benefits”, she said.

However, according to Pamfilova, this applies primarily to”the reasonableness of tariffs in housing and communal sphere. “Many public organisations has long been put on serious outdoor to test the validity of formation of tariffs themselves. (…) That is a closed subject – as monopolists and affiliated with them any kind of mediation company form this pricing policy”, said Commissioner for human rights.

In particular, she said, worth checking the question, on what grounds formed a new payment for the repair. “Rehabilitate housing need. But not technically, mechanically to shift the burden on the population, removing it from big monopolies, large state corporations, which, unfortunately, are not looking for internal reserves and not always rationally use resources. They sometimes corrupt these big money, and the costs of their inefficient work, they easily are trying to shift on the population. This is unacceptable,” – said the Commissioner for human rights under the President.

Pamfilova drew attention to the fact that the fee for the repair varies tremendously by region, in some constituent entities “causes great tension”.

The Ombudsman believes should be given the answer to the question of how to form a retention Fund for the repair, “where this money will go through 10 or 25 years, and where did the money for the repair, which in previous years were already considered in the payment”. “If the house is already repaired, what should people continue to pay this tax?” asked Pamfilova.

Earlier on Friday the government had instructed regional authorities to establish for lonely senior citizens benefits when payment for capital repairs of apartment buildings. “To recommend to higher officials of subjects of the Russian Federation to establish incentives for payment of contributions for capital repairs for singles over the age of 70 years is 50%, for singles over the age of 80 years at 100%”, – stated in the message on the website of the Cabinet.