Falcons: head of the HRC on the work “Plato” to safeguard the rights of citizens not relevant

Falcons: head of the HRC on the work “Plato” to safeguard the rights of citizens not relevant

MOSCOW, December 12. The transport Minister Maxim Sokolov said the opportunistic opinion of the head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov regarding the operation of the system “Platon”, providing the toll for heavy vehicles weighing over 12 tonnes for travel on Federal highways.

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“The opinion of Mr. Fedotov regarding the functioning of the system “Platon”, unfortunately, is completely opportunistic. Naturally, for each item it will get reasoned responses,” said Sokolov.

“Actually this issue to the theme of ensuring the rights and freedoms of citizens, – said Sokolov. Our goal, instead, is to create a modern, convenient and affordable for all its citizens a road system.”

For its part, the head of the HRC called Sokolova to examine the recommendations of the Council and “to maintain a positive attitude”. “In our recommendations, not a single gram of conditions, and these recommendations is not my opinion, but the collective opinion of the Council, all recommendations shall be taken only by vote of all members of the HRC,” said Fedotov.

On the revision of fees from truckers

On 11 December the HRC in connection with protests by truckers against the introduction of “Plato” to adopt the recommendations, which asked the government to review the system of taxes and fees from truckers.

“The government urgently needs to analyze the efficiency of the mechanism of collection of taxes and fees in this sector considering the requirements of long-haul truck drivers for its optimization and, in particular, to consider the abolition of the compensatory fee and (or) transport tax with a simultaneous assignment of a shortfall in income on the price of fuel (fuel excise)”, – the document says.
“It is necessary to consider the complete abolition of the system “Platon”, if other mechanisms of collection of taxes and fees for development of the road network will represent an optimal alternative,” says HRC.

In addition, the Council “deems necessary, to audit chamber and the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation held under control by checking the validity and legality of the concession agreement between Federal road Agency and (the system operator “Plato”) LLC “TITS” and publicly announced the results of inspection.”

System “Platon”

System “Platon”, providing the toll for trucks weighing more than 12 tonnes of tolls on Federal highways, operates in Russia since November 15. The amount of payment on account of compensation of harm, caused to the automobile roads for General use, set at 1.53 per ruble of one kilometer, in the future, the rate will increase. In addition to the payment rate on the truck will need to install the onboard equipment. In the creation of the project invested more than 29 billion rubles. It is planned that in 2016 the collection of payments will bring 40 billion. The money will be spent on repair of Federal roads

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