Returned from Turkey Russian truckers told about the attitude of the Turks

Returned from Turkey Russian truckers told about the attitude of the Turks

SEVASTOPOL, December 12. /Corr. Janina Vaskovsky/. Crimean drivers are faced with different attitudes of the Turks to the Russians. They told about it to journalists in the port of Sevastopol, in Kamyshovaya Bay, where early in the morning together with machines brought ferry “Varyag”.

Simferopolets Ivan Kuzema learned that the Russian su-24 shot down when submitted the documents at customs. “A TV was. The first words were: Russia attacked us. I began to call friends and found out what happened actually. In port sat near the machines, go into the city did not dare. To lie I’m not used to, when asked where was the skirmish,” says Kuzema.

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He admits that when he learned that a ferry service to Turkey stopped, “ran the jitters”. “Then the Internet came through for Governor of Sevastopol. He said. Gave us: you gonna take, guys,” says Ivan.

His wife and partner Nina is upset that business with Turkey is over. “Carried spare parts for refrigerators for the local plant. Only after Ukraine signed the documents, and again the work was done. We, Crimeans, are under sanctions and can only travel in Turkey and CIS,” she says.

Simferopol Iskender seidaliev and Magic Musayev felt no negativity from the Turks. “Work all you want. It is in our interest and in their. They hope that all will end soon. Now we brought the equipment and citrus,” says seidaliev

With him in solidarity Denis Gavrikov from Evpatoria. “In Turkey people properly belonged to us, the relationship has not changed. Need rastavitsa, then we’ll plans to build. Maybe what the government decides? I’ll have something else to look for,” notes Denis.

Stanislav Gvozdiov, Director of the Crimean Agency of the sea, which was the ferry operator, said that all from Turkey arrived 13 fours and one from the bus travel companies. On the “Varyag” in Sevastopol came 10 drivers according to the number of seats, the rest flew on a plane. “We delayed the release of Zonguldak, to all gathered there. One of the trucks had a breakdown, had to wait,” says Gostelow.

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Deputy Governor of Sevastopol Yevgeniy Dubovik arrived at the port to thank the captain of the “Varyag” and to greet the driver. All the details of how it was organized last flight of the ferry, he did not disclose. “The decision was taken by the Governor Sergey meniailo, and the job was done. We have a Governor who is? The Vice-Admiral. The Turks understand it, too. We will not go into details. The ferry came, the boys are back”, – said Dubovik.

Earlier media reported that truckers from the Crimea cannot leave Turkey due to the cancellation of ferry service between Sevastopol and Zonguldak. The Governor of Sevastopol then stated that in Turkey there are 15 Russian truckers, however, Sevastopol ferry is ready to pick up and more drivers with cars.

Relations between Moscow and Ankara deteriorated after Turkish air force November 24, shot down in the skies over Syria, the Russian bomber su-24. According to Ankara, the aircraft violated the airspace of Turkey near the border with Syria. The defense Ministry said the su-24M was extremely over Syrian territory and that “violations of the airspace of Turkey.”