The party “green Alliance” was headed by a member of the PC of Moscow Alexander zakondyrin

The party “green Alliance” was headed by a member of the PC of Moscow Alexander zakondyrin

MOSCOW, December 12. The Chairman of the party “green Alliance” was elected today member of the Public chamber (OP) of Moscow Alexander zakondyrin. Following the vote he received 38 votes. His rival Oleg Mitvol has supported 12 delegates.

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“I think what happened here, – of course, a farce. I will achieve in court of cancellation of the Congress. And if you will adopt a position on adherence to the letter of the law, of course, we will hold the Congress and we will invite all” – Mitvol has commented on the voting results. Previously, he reported that on December 17, Simonovsky court of Moscow will consider them filed lawsuits to invalidate the convening of the party Congress and for his reinstatement in the post of Chairman of the Central Council.

The new leader “the Alliance green” Alexander zakondyrin called for the consolidation of the “green” movement. “It is essential to create a single “green” list for the elections in 2016. To invite our colleagues from the Russian ecological party “Green” and other environmental organizations,” he said. Zakondyrin said that he intends to submit an appeal to the leader of the Russian ecological party “Green” Anatoly Panfilov, consultations. “This does not mean that we unite,” said Zakondyrin.

He also urged to establish “constructive relations with the Russian popular front”. “We are not fighting for power, we fight for life,” said the new head of the party.

Alexander zakondyrin was born in 1984. Candidate of legal Sciences, since 2004 – Deputy of the Voykovsky municipal district of Moscow, 2014 Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin approved a member of the Public chamber of Moscow. 2014 Zakondyrin was a member of the Central Council of the party “green Alliance”.

“The Alliance of greens and social Democrats” was founded in January 2014 by renaming the party “green Alliance – people’s party”. In the updated composition of the party became “Social Democrats of Russia” Gennady Gudkov, “Freedom and justice”, “Bell” and “Party of free citizens”. The co-chairmen of the merged party “green Alliance and the social Democrats” Gleb Fetisov became and Gennady Gudkov, Chairman of the Central Council was unanimously elected as Oleg Mitvol. Soon, however, the party left several politicians, including Gudkova.

On Saturday at the Congress was read to the resignation of co-Chairman of the party, ex-Senator Gleb Fetisov. The delegates voted to rename “the Alliance of greens and social Democrats” in “the Alliance green” and for the abolition of the institution of co-chairmen of the party and establishing the position of Chairman.