Naryshkin urged MPs to work on a rating

Naryshkin urged MPs to work on a rating

You must not make populist laws, as such, are required by the state and society, said the speaker of the state Duma Sergey Naryshkin. According to him, populist initiatives distract MPs from their main job.

VLADIVOSTOK, 13 Dec –. Lawmakers in Russia should not work for the rating, populist initiatives will only distract from meaningful work for the benefit of the development of the country, said state Duma speaker Sergei Naryshkin.

Earlier he claimed that hunters “play” with populist ideas, embodying them in the form of legislative initiatives that help to promote extreme, sometimes radical slogans, such proposals must be resisted, including in the Parliament.

“Don’t need to work on the rankings. We have to accept those laws which are necessary to the state, society, the laws by which the country will live and develop,” Naryshkin said in an interview in the program “Pozdnyakov” on NTV channel.

According to him, last year showed that the rating of trust to the sixth convocation of the state Duma of the highest in the modern history of the Russian Parliament since 1993, but “to delude ourselves that too.” “The main task and the State Duma, and every MP is not the concern about the popularity and the Duma, and the popularity of the MP, the main task is to be responsible to their constituents, — said Naryshkin.

As for populism, he said, on the one hand, understands and perceives it. “But, on the other hand, the populism and populist initiatives, they distract from the main job, meaningful work, and time is always limited for all”, — said the head of the lower house of Parliament.

Speaking about the results of work in 2015, Naryshkin noted that “the various political forces in the State Duma still know how to work together, find common positions, which are expressed in the current laws”.