Putin considers normal criticism of the judicial system of the Russian Federation

ST. PETERSBURG, December 14. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin believes the presence of a natural criticism of the Russian judicial system, on fixing existing problems need to work.

He stated this on Monday at a meeting with judges of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation.

“The fact that there is criticism, it is heard, and from the point of view of work organization, and from the point of view of our relations with other legal bodies, including the European; a lot of criticism is going on and address in the courts of General jurisdiction – it’s natural,” said the head of state. He explained that “there are many problems,” and they are not solved, neither at the level of the Executive or at the level of the judiciary.

“So, we still have work to do, let’s talk about it”, – Putin appealed to the judges.

After that, the meeting continued closed to the press.