Putin has approved the reduction of fines for trucks for non-payment of travel on Federal highways

Putin has approved the reduction of fines for trucks for non-payment of travel on Federal highways

MOSCOW, December 15. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has approved amendments to the law “On automobile roads and road activities in the Russian Federation”, the RF Code of administrative offences and other legislative acts, which reduces the amount of fines for unpaid use of Federal highways by trucks with weight over 12 tons.

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The fare charges of the truck the automatic system “Platon”, the situation around the introduction of which caused a public outcry and protests by truckers.

The head of state signed the documents, which were adopted by the state Duma on 4 December and approved by the Federation Council on 9 December, published Tuesday on the official portal of legal information.

The fines reduced significantly

As reported earlier, member of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction, Anatoly Shirokov, these amendments allow “significantly reduce” the size of administrative fines for trucks with a permissible maximum mass exceeding 12 tonnes for the ride “on motor roads of Federal importance without payment on account of compensation of harm caused by roads of such vehicle, if such payment is obligatory.”

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According to him, earlier a primary violation of the rules of the paid fare was punished by a fine for individual entrepreneurs in the amount of 40 thousand rubles, for legal persons – 450 thousand roubles; for the repeat violation was levied a fine in the amount of 50 thousand and 1 million roubles respectively. Thus amended these sanctions reduced significantly: the first violation – 5 thousand roubles, for repeated – 10 thousand rubles.

The Senator also recalled that at the meeting of the Federation Council on November 25, the reduction in the size of penalties for unpaid for heavy trucks to travel on Federal highways was announced by transport Minister Maxim Sokolov, invited to speak in the upper house in an extraordinary manner in connection with the situation around the system “Platon”.

About the system “Platon”

System “Platon”, providing the toll for trucks with a permissible maximum weight exceeding 12 tonnes for travel on Federal highways, are available from 15 November.

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Until March 1, 2016, trucks to pay 1,53 rubles per kilometer, in the future, the rate will increase.

The funds collected by the vehicle, proceed to the Federal road Fund will be allocated as grants on the Federal and regional road projects, including those implemented on public-private partnership.

According to Rosavtodor, in the “Plato” registered more than 70 thousand of transport companies and entrepreneurs with a total fleet size of more than 600 thousand cars (60% of vehicles weighing over 12 tons operating on the market of automobile cargo transportation).

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