Analysts expect the stabilization of the stock market and the Russian ruble in the beginning of the day

Analysts expect the stabilization of the stock market and the Russian ruble in the beginning of the day

The activity of players in the market will be constrained by the expectations of decision FRS the USA on key rate amid rising above $ 38 per barrel price for Brent crude, analysts say.

MOSCOW, 16 Dec. Dmitry Mayorov. The share market of the Russian Federation and the ruble will continue to move steadily amid a rebound above $ 38 per barrel of Brent crude oil.

Pending a decision by the fed on interest rate (to be announced on Wednesday evening) will be to restrain the activity of the market players, dealers said.

Hopes to reduce the geopolitical risks after the talks, U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry with Russian President Vladimir Putin will support Russian assets.


Commencement of trading is expected to increase about 0.2-0.3% on the MICEX index, around 1745, closest to be the 1735 and 1720, and the resistance will make a mark 1750 and 1760 on MICEX, rate Vitaly Manzhos from the Bank “Education”.

“Morning improvement of an external background creates the conditions for a moderately positive start of trading in Russia. It is possible that the MICEX index will be able to approach the nearest round mark 1750,” Manzhos said.

The Russian ruble played the rebound in commodity quotes, but it makes little difference in the next several days, says Anna Bodrova from the company “Alpari”.

“The dollar will remain in the hallway today 69,80-70,80 ruble. Euro potorguemsya within marks 76,0-77,85 ruble. The basic movements associated with the world news, the Russian market will occur only on Thursday, by Friday they could return to balance,” she said.

External factors

The US stock indices gained 0.9-1.1 percent amid growing oil prices and expectations of a Federal reserve decision on interest rates.

Stock futures USA with the morning increased by 0.2%. Asia stocks grew by 0.1-2.6 per cent, the Shanghai — 0.1%, Japan by 2.6%.

The price of oil hovers around 38.5 per dollar per barrel mark Brent. The Euro is 1,0941 1,0948 of the dollar against the dollar at the previous auction.

The results of the previous auctions on the Russian market

The shares rose on Tuesday on the main indexes after the shares of oil and gas companies who have risen to the rebound of oil prices.

The MICEX index to closing has grown on 1,98% — to 1742,46 points, RTS index – on 2,97%, to 783,65 points, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

The dollar calculations “tomorrow” on the basis of currency trading Tuesday fell 56 cents to 70 rubles, Euro — by 1.14 ruble — to 76,42 ruble, follows from the data of the Moscow exchange.

The value of the currency basket (0.55 dollars and 0.45 euros) decreased by 83 kopecks in comparison with the previous closing and amounted to $ 72,89 ruble.