The results of the year on Sakhalin: the case khoroshavina and the scandal of the Quran

The results of the year on Sakhalin: the case khoroshavina and the scandal of the Quran

YUZHNO-SAKHALINSK, December 16. /Corr. Irina Baibarza/. The main events of the outgoing year on Sakhalin became a high-profile corruption scandal when he was arrested and sent to Moscow, and then arrested the Governor Alexander Horoshavin, and several of his closest associates, and the wreck of the trawler “far East” in the sea of Okhotsk in April and then killed dozens of Sakhalin. The most important economic benchmark, can be considered the beginning of work in the region first fish exchange, which is now exhibited at the auction for goods worth about 140 million rubles. Also on Sakhalin, in the Year of literature were more than 40 events dedicated to the 155th anniversary of Anton Chekhov, author of the book “Sakhalin Island”, written in the late NINETEENTH century.

Corruption scandal

March 3, 2015 was arrested and sent to Moscow to conduct further investigation, and then arrested Sakhalin Governor Alexander Khoroshavin, and several of his closest associates. On 25 March, the President of the Russian Federation dismissed khoroshavina from the post due to “loss of confidence” (he held the post of Governor of the region since 2007).

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The court extended the arrest of ex-Governor of Sakhalin horoshavina until the end of February

On 26 March the President of Russia has appointed acting head of the Sakhalin Oleg Kozhemyako, who was earlier a post of the head of the Amur region. In September Kozhemyako won the election for Governor, gaining 67.8 per cent of the vote.

Against the former Governor initiated a criminal case on the fact of receiving a bribe of more than $5.6 million Later, on April 27, against khoroshavina opened a second criminal case about a bribe in the amount exceeding 15 million rubles. In a criminal case, his property was seized. In the court of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk filed a statement of claim signed by the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Vladimir Malinovsky about the appeal to the state property total value of 1.1 billion rubles. According to the lawyer Sergei Gorina khoroshavina, we are talking about apartments in Moscow, the house on Rublevsky highway, cash and jewelry.

Still on the territory of Sakhalin and Kuril Islands is investigated by a series of corruption crimes. At the end of April were arrested former Deputy Chairman of the government of the Sakhalin region, in charge of agriculture and the fishing industry, Sergey Karepkin and the Minister of agriculture, trade and food of the region Nikolay Borisov. Karepkin is suspected of taking bribes, Borisov in facilitating this.

Was also detained the Vice-mayor of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Alexey Leskin. He is suspected of receiving a bribe in especially large size. Investigative actions are held against the former Minister of construction of Sakhalin Vladimir Levin. Two criminal cases on the fact of theft of funds from the budget have been initiated against the Deputy Gordumy Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Sergey Korotkov. According to the results Prosecutor’s check is being investigated by the ex-head of “Kuril city district”. More than 9.5 million rubles were transferred to the contractor for the actual unperformed work on the reconstruction of systems of water supply and sanitation on the island of Iturup.

Fish stock

21 September 2015 on an electronic platform “Sberbank-AST” start job Sakhalin fish stock. At the moment on the stock exchange exhibited 118 lots, or 360 tons, for a total amount of 140 million rubles. Of the stated range, including fish specialities, sold 64 tons for a total amount of 7.4 million.

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At the first auction the Sakhalin-fish exchange 15 lots sold for 7 million rubles.

Auctions are held without any intermediaries, which affects the price of fish products (wholesale she should not rise more than 8%, in retail – 15%). The regional authorities with the conduct of exchange trading with fish products at the first stage of the plan to ensure the regions of the Russian Federation in the framework of public procurement (kindergartens, army, schools, health institutions). The second stage is to move the centres of the fish trade from China and Japan to Sakhalin. For the second phase in Korsakov will be created a logistics center with large fridges and ship repair workshops. Project cost – about 13 billion rubles.

Objectives of the project “fish stock” – to increase the flow of domestic fish products on the domestic market up to 90%, the income from fish export – not less than 25%. In addition, the project aims to provide transparent pictures in public procurement when conducting 100% of purchases through auction and the substitution of 90% by 2018.

The government of the Sakhalin region jointly with “Sberbank” intends to modernize the functioning of fish exchanges established in the region in September of 2015, said the employee of regional Agency on fishery Evgeny Kapitonov.

“Now we know we need to change the specifics of sales. When we started the project, and we, and Sberbank has no experience of living aquatic resources. For example, was the auction system only at increasing prices, now on a platform made of the municipal enterprise who work on Federal procurement laws, therefore, necessary functionality on the decrease (Dutch auction). You also need to enter the auction the buyer (if there is a need to buy, you can place your lot, and rybopromyshlenniki show up on it), ” said Kapitonov.

He also noted that these projects are now in development. “Today, the demand for Sakhalin fish products on the electronic platform “Sberbank-AST” is. We caught the attention of representatives of major distribution networks from the Central regions. I think next year with the beginning of fishing main fish species, the work will go better. Currently all is well, all is going according to plan. We are only at the beginning, to completely destabilize the project, we need at least a year,” said Kapitonov.

Tragedy in the sea of Okhotsk

Trawler “far East” was wrecked on 2 April 2015 in the Okhotsk sea 330 km to the West of the village of Krutogorovsky Sobolevo district, Kamchatka territory and 250 km South of Magadan. The crash killed 56 people, 63 were rescued, the fate of 13 men remains unknown. According to who worked on the ship of the sailor Eugene Varicosa, the vessel did not have enough immersion suits to all crew members, there were only 90 in the presence of 131 persons. the ship sank about 30 minutes.

It was scary. Saw “Titanic”? And so it happened. People were pulling down. The captain shouted (he was without the suit), called for help. They all screamed together. I screamed too, want my wife, Ksenia

Eugene Viticus

Psychologists do not exclude that the victims of the trawler “far East” after a time, need psychological help, and she cared even after six months.

The crash of the trawler far East killed 16 residents of Sakhalin and survived 17 people. Five residents of the Sakhalin region who went missing, confirmed dead. From the reserve Fund of the Sakhalin oblast, the regional authorities have paid 200 thousand rubles to the victims of the wreck of the trawler and 1 million roubles to the families of the victims. Sakhalin regional branch of Fund of social insurance of the Russian Federation transferred to the relatives of sailors who died in the crash of the trawler “far East” on 1 million roubles to each family.

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The wreck of the trawler “far East”

© Picture from video/EMERCOM of Russia for Kamchatsky Krai/TASS

SK has completed the investigation of the wreck of the trawler “far East”

The owner of the sunken trawler “far East” fined 6,25 million rubles

Against an inspector of the Agency, reviewed the trawler “far East”, filed

The owner of the trawler “far East” was fined 6 million rubles

LTD. “Magellan”, the shipowner of the trawler “far East” fined 6,25 million rubles for the illegal employment of foreign workforce. The prosecutorial inspection established that at the time of the crash on Board the labour activity carried out 50 foreign citizens. The owner of the permit for attracting foreign labor force is not received. In connection with the identified irregularities in respect of LLC “Magellan” was initiated 50 cases on administrative offence stipulated by part 2 of article 18.15 of the administrative code (“Illegal attraction to labour activity in the Russian Federation of a foreign citizen”).

All the survivors of the wreck of the trawler “far East”, foreign nationals (26 people) sent home. They were brought to administrative responsibility under article 18.10 of the administrative code for implementation of labour activity on the territory of Russia without permits. Each of them was fined in the amount of 2 thousand rubles.

In August 2015, Russia’s Investigative Committee has finished investigatory actions on criminal case about wreck of the trawler “far East” in the sea of Okhotsk. According to the representative of the RF IC Vladimir Markin, the five defendants prosecuted, and the CEO of the company – owner of LLC “Magellan” – declared in the international search.

“I am convinced that we should draw lessons from the incident. To do everything necessary to prevent the recurrence of troubles”, – said the head of the island region Oleg Kozhemyako.

Landmark ruling

In August of this year the wide public resonance was caused by the judge’s decision southern-the Sakhalin court recognized at the suit of the Prosecutor “extremist material” the book “Prayer to God: its significance and place in Islam”. In particular, the extremist was identified as quotations from the Koran.

After that, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov called the judge and the Prosecutor “evil leaders and provocateurs” and appealed the court’s decision. On 11 September, the Prosecutor’s office in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk lodged an appeal against the judge’s decision, explaining that she “made the wrong decision, as they (the Prosecutor’s office – approx. ed.) had asked the court to declare extremist the views of the author of this book, and not taken from the Qur’an”. The decision southern-the Sakhalin court on recognition of the book “Prayer to God” extremist appeals were filed ten complaints and one appeal submission.

On 5 November, the court of Sakhalin region has cancelled the decision southern-the Sakhalin city court. The court also has decided to refuse satisfaction of the appeal submission of the prosecution Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, according to which extremist recognized the scenes from the book. This decision is surrounded by head of Chechnya was seen as a landmark.

This decision is a landmark. It’s a victory the entire world community. By his statement the Prosecutor’s office questioned the quotes of the Quran. Every Muslim during the day, says a prayer at least 17 times. It turns out that every Muslim 17 times a day is an extremist. Deny the verses of the Koran is to deny a Christian the Lord’s prayer

Said-Magomed Chapanov
the representative of the head of Chechnya

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the end of November has signed the Federal law banning recognition of extremist materials the texts of the Bible, the Koran, the Tanakh and the Gandzhur. The corresponding document was posted on 23 November on the official portal of legal information. The law was introduced by the President of the Russian Federation in the state Duma on 14 October and become the de facto state’s response to the August decision of the judge of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city court, which considered extremist quotes from the Koran.

The Anniversary Chekhov

Over 40 events dedicated to the 155th anniversary of Anton Chekhov, held on Sakhalin island in the Year of literature. One of the most interesting was the exhibition of unique items of Chekhov’s “Return to Sakhalin”, which worked nearly a year in two museums in Sakhalin – a historical-literary Museum “A. P. Chekhov and Sakhalin” (Aleksandrovsk-Sakhalin) and in the Literary and art Museum of Chekhov’s book “Sakhalin Island”. The exhibition featured things of the writer, who visited with him in Sakhalin and stored in the House-Museum in Yalta.

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Scientists have proposed to create an interactive cultural centre “the Sakhalin-Crimea”

“The representatives of the Yalta Museum of Chekhov brought to the island 21 of Chekhov’s the thing. These are things that have been with Chekhov on Sakhalin and in December 1890 he brought with him in the composition of the chest “any katorzhanskaya stuff”. Since these things have never been exhibited,” said the Director of the Museum “A. P. Chekhov and Sakhalin” Temur Miromanov.

According to him, among things – the famous Chekhov’s coat, in which he overcame the cold, the dirt, the dust roads of Sakhalin and on which he repeatedly wrote. Among the items and brass bell with the inscription “Post of Alexandrovsk Sakhalin island 1889”, the photo of Chekhov to Suvorin, Japanese doll. Also at the exhibition were presented in the first authentic edition consisting of the complete works of the book “Sakhalin Island” and the proofs of this book, printed and transferred the contract for approval

“For Chechevatov this exhibition is of great significance. Yalta Museum due to the fact that the preservation of Chekhov’s heritage was engaged by his sister, Maria Chekhov, is by far the richest from the point of view of things, documents, letters that have been preserved through the efforts of Maria Pavlovna. For the first time in many years, decided to merge the two most extreme points of Chekhov’s travels and places of residence – this is Sakhalin and the Crimea (Yalta). And for the first time the inhabitants of Sakhalin were able to pay attention to what Chekhov asked what note he was doing, and that he was transported from Sakhalin in the memory of our difficult journey,” said Miromanov.