Big press conference of Vladimir Putin: the most striking quotes

Vladimir Putin for the tenth time held a big press conference. The event lasted 3 hours and 08 minutes. During this time the President managed to contact 32 journalists. First of all, the Russian President answered the questions concerning the economy and international issues: Turkey, Syria, Ukraine, Georgia, USA. Just one question were personal and related to the life and work of daughters of Putin.

About the state of the economy

The Russian economy passed the peak of the crisis, said the President of the Russian Federation.

The government expects to reach a growth of 0.7% in 2016, 1.9% in 2017, 2.4% in 2018. I want to draw your attention to the fact that everything is based on $ 50 per barrel. Now this rate is below

The Russian government will not rush with the recosting of the budget, but preparing for any scenario, said the head of state.

We will not hurry with the updates and with adjustments to the budget. This entails a reduction in funding and in the social sphere and the real sector. Despite the difficult financial and economic situation, we continue responsible policy in the field of public Finance

About Central Bank rate

To reduce the rate of the Central Bank administratively impossible, Putin said.

I support the policy of the Central Bank and the government to ensure macroeconomic stability is the first. Second, if they wanted to lower the rate that you can not do by administrative means, must proceed from the realities of our economy, from its structure

On the work of the government

Vladimir Putin called the work of the government of the Russian Federation is satisfactory, although believes that you can work better. No significant changes in the composition of the government is not forthcoming, the President said.

We think together with the government on how to improve the structure – it’s true. How to make government work more effectively on the most sensitive areas: in economy, in social sphere – there are such plans. But they are not of a dramatic nature, are not exclusively related to personalities. This is due to the desire to improve the work of this important body control

For quite a long period of time my work should probably be noted that I really care about people, and I believe that the personnel reshuffle, of course, not always personnel changes are negative – but the mess is it not needed

Vladimir Putin

About the relations with Ankara

The Russian President called the hostile actions of Ankara against the Russian SU-24 shot down over the territory of Syria.

We are especially outraged: if it was an accident, Turkish authorities, seemingly, did not even know that this was a Russian aircraft, then what they do in these cases? People died! Immediately pick up the phone and explain. Instead, immediately ran in Brussels: “help, hurt our feelings”. We touched there? No. They began to hide behind NATO. And NATO need it? It turned out that too, no

You asked, maybe there’s a third party kind. Understand your hint. We don’t know, but if someone in the Turkish government decided to lick the Americans in one place, I don’t know whether they did or not. First of all, I don’t know whether it’s American or not – perhaps there were agreements on some level that “we are about to avernum Russian plane, and you close your eyes”, “we go in, say, Iraq, and occupies part of Iraq.” I don’t know, maybe this exchange was, we don’t know

The creeping Islamization, which atatürk would probably turn over in his grave, you see, affects us. We see, fix that in Turkey are the militants – came, say, from the North Caucasus. We have said many times our partners: “But we don’t do that against Turkey.” No, they’re still sitting there, being treated, and protect them. Then they, using visa-free entry, enter on Turkish passports and dissolve, and we should catch them then either in the Caucasus or in our cities. So it is exactly we will have to do, as well as taking some other steps that will ensure our national security

About the operation in Syria

Answering the question whether there is enough resources for operations in Syria, Putin said that a separate operation of the Russian HQs are a serious burden on the budget.

We war not started. We conduct separate operations with the use of our air forces, Space forces, air defense systems, intelligence. It does not bear any serious burden on the budget. Part of the funds that we had planned for military training, we just refocused on the operation of our videoconferencing in Syria

About the relations with Georgia

Russia is ready to restore relations with Georgia and with it the abolition of the visa regime, Putin said.

We are ready to restore the relationship. Georgia’s territorial integrity – a matter primarily of the Georgian people. the South Ossetian and Abkhaz. Need to work with them. We will take any decision

“We are not the cause of the deterioration of the situation. Didn’t have to take the former leadership of Georgia and then-President Saakashvili such adventurous decisions that led to the territorial disintegration of Georgia. It’s their fault. This historic wine, and it is on their shoulders entirely,” said the Russian leader.

The appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili to the post of Governor of Odessa region Putin called “a spittle in the side of the Ukrainian people”.

About the relations with Ukraine

Russia is not going to impose on Kiev any sanctions, but in connection with the termination of the agreement on free trade zone with Ukraine it will not have privileges and preferences.

We are not going to impose on Ukraine any sanctions. I want it to be heard. We are moving on to the most favoured nation treatment in trade. Ukraine can not be put in a less favourable position than any other partners (Russia) to the outside, but, of course, no benefits and preferences Ukraine in trade with Russia January 1, 2016 will not use

About solving the Ukrainian crisis

Russia is not interested in exacerbating the conflict in the Ukraine, but his decision not to go through the elimination of people in the South-East of the country, said the President of the Russian Federation.

I sincerely say: we are not interested in exacerbating the conflict. On the contrary, we are interested in this conflict as quickly as possible was allowed, but not the way physical liquidation of people in the South-East of Ukraine

The Russian President acknowledged that in the Donbass really are “people out there who are addressing the issues in a particular field”. “But this does not mean that there are Russian troops. Feel the difference,” said the President of Russia.

About the situation with the system “Platon”

The devices of the “Plato” requiring heavy trucks to pay tolls on Federal highways, should be provided free, said the head of state. All fees from the system completely go to the road Fund of the Russian Federation, Putin said.

You need to look into the problem, try not to use a particular difficult situation in quasipolitical purposes, and to look inside. All discharges that come from the so-called “Plato”, 100%, do not go to someone in your pocket, they are 100% going to the road Fund of the Russian Federation, to the last penny. And from there go to road construction in the regions of the Russian Federation

The President expects that the government at the beginning of 2016 will decide the question of the abolition of vehicle tax for heavy trucks. The system of levying tolls on Federal highways for trucks will this work from the “gray” zone, Putin said, noting that he understands the problems of truckers.

I am from a working class family, I understand that men work, work, sit behind the wheel, but we need to leave these “gray” schemes. But I want them (drivers – approx. ed.) to support, believe me. We need to help them. Have some things to finalize