Churkin: Russia expects UN honest assessments of the problem of financing ISIS

Churkin: Russia expects UN honest assessments of the problem of financing ISIS

The UN Security Council on Thursday will consider a resolution on the suppression of the financing of the terrorist group “Islamic state”. Permanent representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Vitaly Churkin spoke about the measures envisaged by this document, as well as on the activities planned to Wed this week

Indeed, on 17 December, the Security Council adopts a resolution volume, aimed at fighting Islamic state (is prohibited in Russia grouping “Islamic state” – approx.) and its financing. The document contains a reference to Chapter VII of the UN Charter, what happens in cases where the Council finds a threat to international peace and security and take the measures mandatory for all States. The project was prepared jointly by the delegations of Russia and the United States, again demonstrating a General understanding of our countries the dangers of the terrorist threat and the need for early adequate answer.

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The resolution contains a number of fundamentally new aspects. One of its purposes is to isolate ISIS as an independent, the most acute terrorist threat. Previously, paradoxically, in the documents FR ISIS was considered only as one of divisions “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia organization). Now renamed the appropriate sanctions list, expanded the listing criteria that allow to put restrictions to any physical or legal persons, mired ties with ISIS.

In General, the document extends and clarifies the mandate of the previously established SA of the Committee on sanctions against al-Qaida. Changes including its name, which is now at the forefront of the ISIS.

On our initiative, the resolution included a strong call to full States to coordinate their actions for the investigation of crimes related to the financing of ISIS and al Qaeda, including the extradition and prosecution of those responsible for these acts. Special emphasis is placed in this regard on the cooperation with the countries on whose territory or against whose citizens terrorist acts.

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An important task of the resolution is to strengthen the detection and suppression of channels of illegal financing of ISIL and associated groups through the trade in oil, antiquities and other illegal sources. The corresponding obligation of the States were before, but they, unfortunately, are not all and not always. Now the monitoring and sanction mechanisms of the UN will be clearly focused on the eradication of these manifestations. We have developed measures to strengthen and reconfigure these mechanisms are fully included in the text. Work, by the way, is not limited to the UN, envisages the use and potential of the Group of financial action against money laundering (FATF).

In accordance with the resolution, UN Secretary-General will prepare a separate report on ISIS. It needs to come out 45 days after adoption. Then the updated information will be submitted every four months. Waiting for specifics and fair assessments, including regarding the sources of illegal financing of Islamists.

Despite the importance of the joint Russian-American resolutions and the meeting on combating the financing of terrorism on December 17, the current counter-terrorism agenda Council is not limited to this. Illustrative in this regard this week. 16 December is the security Council meeting on the subject of human trafficking. Accepted the statement of the Chairman of the Board, which is largely devoted to the problems related to the abduction and exploitation of human beings by terrorists. One of the most egregious examples is the violence by ISIL against ethnic and religious minorities, including Yazidis.

SPECIAL project

From Russia with support
As the aircraft of the Russian Federation helps to fight with terrorists in Syria

On December 16-17, held a special meeting of the counter-terrorism Committee SAT on the subject of restraint in the use of information and telecommunication technologies to promote terrorism. It is actively engaged by our experts.

Strengthen counter-terrorism component of the work started on a draft security Council resolution extending cross-border humanitarian operations by the UN in Syria through three checkpoints on the Turkish and Jordanian borders as well as the UN humanitarian monitoring mechanism to verify the humanitarian nature of supplies. This mechanism works on Turkish and Jordanian territories, and its mandate expires on 10 January.

After all, one gets a strange situation, when in fact “under the nose” at present in the border areas of the UN on Syria hits the Turkish border through various forms of assistance to terrorist organisations, including ISIL. Regularly seep and fighters, traveling to commit terrorist acts in Syria from all over the world. Our delegation offered amendments condemning cross-border support for terrorists and attempts to hide behind humanitarian goals for the implementation of such assistance. In addition, we believe it is necessary along with the included co-authors in the project requirements to the Syrian government to facilitate access of the population to humanitarian assistance can emphasize the obstruction of the terrorists the international community’s humanitarian efforts. And since we are talking about the issue of cross-border gostaste, to overlook the problem of controlling the porous borders incorrectly. The obligations of States in this regard, prescribed in the anti-terrorism Council resolutions.

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The week will conclude on SAT important events on the issue of the Syrian settlement, undoubtedly, of paramount importance to combat ISIL and other terrorist groups. Attended by Sergey Lavrov. As you know, after talks with John Kerry in Moscow, was supported by the Russian side to convening in new York on 18 December next meeting of the International support group on Syria Ministerial. We hope that at its end, with the consent of all its members will be able to submit to the Security Council and to take on the same day the draft resolution affirming the principles laid down in the Vienna document MGPS between 30 October and 14 November.

Interview was prepared by Oleg Zelenin.


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