Experts about Putin’s speech: press conference strong policy

Experts about Putin’s speech: press conference strong policy

The statements of Vladimir Putin at the annual press conference can be characterized as a “crisis,” according to political analysts. The President confirmed Russia’s intention to develop and move forward, despite the current difficult conditions.

MOSCOW, 17 Dec –. Political analysts described the eleventh annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin as “anti-crisis” confirming Russia’s intention to grow — despite the current difficult conditions, the President has not gone from any sensitive issue, which, as noted by experts, many from the sphere of domestic policy.

Relations with the United States and Turkey, the fight against international terrorism, the situation in Syria and Ukraine – these have become the major foreign policy topics annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin held on Thursday. This year it lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes, during this time, the head of state answered questions from 47 32 27 journalists from the Russian media and five foreign.

The desire to develop

“If we talk about the General attitude, I would call it “anti-crisis”, — said the Chairman of the Board of the Foundation for civil society development (Fcsd) Konstantin Kostin after the press conference.

The expert explained that in the modern world, uncertainty prevails, there is a huge amount of risk: and globalization, and the lack of uniform rules, all of which are ready to comply. It is essential, he said, “when faced with chaos” States have not just remained intact and continued to exist, but has improved, evolved, developed.

“And today the President spoke about exactly this, that is discussed all the critical issues: age and retirement, and housing, and the efficiency of public administration, and international relations. But for me still the most important were the moments where he talked about how, despite all the difficult conditions, Russia will evolve — how we will develop our infrastructure, how we’re going to provide income, not only now, but in 10 years,” said Kostin.

Strong policies in difficult conditions

The CEO of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin said General a confident and philosophical tone of the press conference. “Putin is relaxed and philosophizes, as I expected. As you have noticed, there have been many questions and virtually all sharp, and no Putin is not gone, it gives some optimism, says that he believes in himself, as a politician,” said he.

In turn, the expert of the Institute of humanitarian-political studies Volodymyr Slatinov considers the current press conference “the speech of the leader in an increasingly difficult situation for him”.

“I would say that today’s press conference is a press conference, in General, a strong leader with great confidence rating, but in situation more complicated for him, including, and from the point of view of the domestic challenges that he, at least, aware of it,” he said.

Tough questions and the priority of Economics

According to Zlatanova, the current press conference will be remembered for what it is — especially at first – was quite hard, a significant part of the journalists asked very sharp questions. In particular, the first questions on the economic situation very accurately showed the change of priorities in society, the economy comes to the fore front of security issues, the situation in Syria, Donbass, said the expert.

“Still to the fore economic problems, because the crisis is becoming more sensitive to the population – journalists feel, and had been asked questions,” — said the expert, adding that the President’s reaction to these questions was quite interesting, showing that it is concerned about the problem.

“That is, in principle, it is easy to see that the economic issue has become for the Kremlin is very important. The Kremlin is beginning to understand the depth of the economic crisis and resulting social problems, and possibly socio-political consequences”, — said the expert.

Soft foreign policy tone

According to Kostin, the main news on an international scale became the President’s statement that Russia supports the draft resolution prepared by the USA that the two countries have a common approach to the Syrian settlement.

“This is very important because it preconditions for folding a single coalition, this is an issue that really concerns the whole world”, — said the Chairman of the Board of Fcsd. Important in the foreign policy block includes the issues of Georgia, Ukraine, Egypt, said the Agency interlocutor.

Slatinov noted the generally soft tone of the foreign policy of the President towards the West, including Syria. “This suggests that the political process on Syria, apparently, moving. Visit Kerry a clear testimony to this — in any case, it is possible serious compromise between the key players associated with the Syrian conflict. Putin does not want to aggravate the situation, because there is positive news”, — the expert believes.

With regard to the situation in Ukraine, the tone of the replies of the President was also very soft, despite the obvious provocative question, which was asked by the journalist, the political scientist said.

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