MP: the rhetoric of Putin to the leadership of Turkey fair

MP: the rhetoric of Putin to the leadership of Turkey fair

Russia not playing a double game, unlike Turkey, and Moscow has the right to declare that Ankara is an ally of the terrorists, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma Nikolay Levichev.

MOSCOW, 17 Dec –. The tone and rhetoric of Russian President Vladimir Putin to the leadership of Turkey’s absolute fair, said Vice-speaker of the state Duma Nikolai Levichev (“Fair Russia”).

The President of the Russian Federation during a press conference on Thursday stated that at the interstate level interactions between Moscow and Ankara is almost impossible, while Humanities will continue. He noted that the current Turkish authorities are virtually impossible to negotiate, and said that Russia does not see any attempts by Turkey to establish relationships.

“Our country is playing a double game, and this is our advantage and moral superiority over (President of Turkey – ed.) Erdogan and his team. Therefore, the tone and rhetoric of Vladimir Putin to Turkey are absolutely fair. Russia has the full right to say that the Turkish elite of today were made by an ally of the terrorists and therefore an enemy of those who are engaged in terrorism against the war,” — said Levichev.

He believes that the political collapse Tayyip Erdogan is not far off. “Because Turkey is a stab in the back not only Russia. This is a blow to their own people, which is not set for confrontation with our country”, — said the Deputy.

Relations of Russia and Turkey are in crisis after November 24, Turkish F-16 shot down in Syria, the Russian bomber su-24. President Vladimir Putin then signed a decree on measures to ensure national security and on the special economic measures against Turkey, and the government promulgated a regulation in furtherance of this decree.