“Now let’s fly”: a vivid Putin’s statements at the press conference

“Now let’s fly”: a vivid Putin’s statements at the press conference

Big press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin this year lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes, during this time, the head of state answered questions 47 32 journalists.

MOSCOW, 17 Dec –. A large annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin traditionally, the brilliant utterances of the President. They relate and domestic agenda, and international issues, is also not without jokes and anecdotes.

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About the government and the Central Bank

While interacting with the press, Putin spoke about the work of the government. “For quite a long period of time of my work, I guess you could say that I really care about people and believe that the personnel reshuffle — she usually… not needed, it interferes. And… if someone does not work, for which I’m responsible, I believe that there is my fault. Therefore, no changes, significant, anyway, is not expected”, — said Putin.

The President spoke about the activities of the Central Bank. “We need to lower the rate, not “bare” on the Central Bank, as it did in Soviet times, in the planned economy, and to help the Central Bank and the government to suppress inflation and reduce inflationary risks. As we move along this path, then naturally, market, and safely to decrease the refinancing rate of the Central Bank”, — said Putin.

About individual Ministers, the President also said. “As for Vitaly Leontyevich (Mutko, Minister of sports of the Russian Federation – an edition), then we can laugh at him, but you know, in this sense he is free from complexes and ready to work. I would in any case not afford to give him such gifts (Putin gave the Minister the tutorial in English), if I didn’t see that he is relaxed, at ease, absolutely no inferiority complex”, — said the head of state.

Speaking about the economic situation in Russia, Putin remembered the anecdote about the good and difficult times: “there are two friends, one another asks: — How are you? The other one says: — Well, that’s how striped in black and white. — Now what?— Now the black. There goes another six months. – Well, how are you? I know — striped. Now what? Black. — No, it was black?— No. — It turns out that was white. Here, we have about this situation”, — said the President.

About Turkey, Syria, and Ukraine

At the press conference, Putin spoke about the actions of Turkey after was shot down by Russian su-24 aircraft. The President called it a hostile act.

“If it was an accident, as we later heard, the Turkish authorities seem not even to know that it’s a Russian aircraft, then what they do in these cases? People died! Immediately pick up the phone and explained to each other. Instead, immediately ran to Brussels: help! Hurts us! Who hurts you? We touched there? No! Began to hide behind NATO, and NATO need this? Yes, sort of, it became clear that also not”, — Putin said.

About the relations between Turkey and the U.S. have also said. The President asked about the possibility of the existence of a third party in the situation with the downed plane. “I understand your hint. We don’t know. But if someone in the Turkish government decided to lick the Americans in one place, I don’t know whether they did or not. I don’t know whether it is the Americans or not,” Putin said.

The President commented on the actions of the Turkish aviation. “They (Turkish authorities) thought we were out of there run like hell! No, Russia is not the country. We its presence in Syria has increased the number of combat aircraft increased. There was no Russian air defense system — now there’s s-400. If before there Turkey flew and constantly violated the space of Syria, now let him fly,” said he.

Speaking about the possibility of creating a temporary basing of the Russian armed forces in Syria, Putin said that if “someone should get, and so we get”. Remember the words of the President about fight against terrorism. “The fight against terrorism, the existence of which we are not yet fully overcome, but the range is exactly the reverse — that is the outcome,” said Putin.

Another memorable statement of the President was made in relation to the head of the Odessa region, ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. “In my opinion, this is such a slap in the face to the Ukrainian people. Moreover, that put Ukraine under external control, but also political, so to speak, persons delegated there,” he said.

About personal

This year was not without questions about the personal life of the President. However, this time journalists were interested only in his children.

“Recently tried to say my daughters: a) are educated abroad and live abroad. Now, thank God, no one writes, now say they are — and it’s true — they live in Russia and never for permanent residence did not go. They are nowhere except Russia, were educated, they studied in Russian universities. This does not mean that they do not have contacts with their colleagues, they do not communicate. I’m proud of them. They continue to learn and work,” Putin said.

Putin told about their successes. “My daughters are fluent in three European languages even if someone says one or two Eastern, can speak Asian languages, one fourth of European. And not just freely say they enjoy the work. They make the first steps in our careers, but making good progress,” he said.

He said and that is not for daughters interest. “I never discuss issues with my family. They do not do business and not in politics, they will not grow”, — said Putin.

And loud theme

The widely discussed and received public attention topic is the introduction of the system of collecting money from the trucks “Plato”. “You need to look into the problem, try not to use a particular difficult situation in some quasipolitical order, and look inside. But what’s inside? All fees that come from the so-called “Plato”, 100%, do not go to someone in your pocket, they go 100% to the road Fund of the Russian Federation, to the last penny. And from there all these fees to the last cent go to road construction in the regions of the Russian Federation”, — said Putin.

The head of state said about unemployed and Arkady Rotenberg, the son whom the media credited with the membership of the company-operator of “Plato”. “Things like the side character you mentioned, they are possible everywhere. With regard to the reaction of the press and the public on the work and activities of children of top management in various industries — Rotenberg young, which you mentioned, his father was not working, as far as I know. Maybe already somewhere broke, but, maybe not” — said Putin.

The question of raising the retirement age in Russia also did not remain without attention of the President. “With regard to retirement age, you know my position — I strongly oppose raising the retirement age, but there are certainly problems with regard to raising the retirement age for officials of the Russian regional and municipal level for all — for men and for women, let me remind you that we are talking about a gradual increase (of pension age) for that category by six months,” — said Putin.

The investigation

Reporters asked about the loud criminal investigations. The President spoke about relations with the dead in a Moscow politician Boris Nemtsov. “I never a relationship with him does not spoil. He chose the path of critical struggle, but I got used to it, he is not alone. It’s not the fact that humans need to be killed. I never accept. I think that is a crime that should be investigated and punished,” Putin said.

Asked about the publication concerning the family of the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika. Putin said about them. “With regard to all these manifestations, especially those involving children of senior officials, — if, for example, referring to the Prosecutor-General is, of course, a very important authority — you need to understand that they, the children of the attorney General, has violated the law or not, and in the work of the attorney General some elements related to conflict of interest, he supported and helped their children?” — the President said.

Questions from journalists were very much finished dealing with the press, the President is also a joke: “It cannot be completed, this can just stop.”