Putin: privatisation of large state-owned enterprises will be continued

Putin: privatisation of large state-owned enterprises will be continued

The activities for privatization of large companies with state participation, including “Rosneft” and “Aeroflot” will continue, said Vladimir Putin during the annual press conference

MOSCOW, 17 Dec. The Russian authorities will continue the privatization of large state-owned companies, including Rosneft and Aeroflot, said the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

“The privatization of major companies, two tasks are solved, we all know well. The first task — it is not associated with fiscal or revenue for the budget functions, although this is also important. But most importantly — in changing ownership structure with the purpose of increase of efficiency of functioning of enterprises”, — said Putin, speaking at a press conference.

“As for Rosneft, which you mentioned, or there “Aeroflot” often remember some other company. I’m still in his articles in 2012 wrote that it is possible in principle, we will continue this work”, — said the President.

“Of course, the question always arises, is now the market conditions, to sell that valuable, so to speak, bringing positive results for the economy and for the budget property, say, in the same “Rosneft”. Here you never know the situation or the wrong situation. Although this year, in 2015-ohms, as you know, the government did not take decisions relating to such privatization,” he said.

“I do not exclude that in order not to scorch the reserve, and to provide income and to change the structure of some of these large companies, the government and go to these decisions. I try in these decisions not to intervene, especially because controlling the state in these companies do not lose”, — said Putin.

Privatization of 19.5% of “Rosneft” in the state plan for the period up to 2016. According to the signed in November last year, the resolution of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation 19.5% stake in oil company owned by the state “Rosneftegaz” should not be sold cheaper prices public offering in 2006. Then a paper “Rosneft” were placed at 203 ruble per share on the Moscow exchange and to 7.55 dollars per Depositary receipt (equal one share) on London.

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