Putin: Russia will never agree to impose Syria, who will be her guide

Putin: Russia will never agree to impose Syria, who will be her guide

MOSCOW, December 17. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin stated that Russia will never agree to Syria by impose, who will be her guide.

“We will never accept that anyone from anywhere will be anyone to impose, who have to lead, – he said at a press conference. It just absolutely does not fit nor in any common sense nor international law.”

The head of state noted that he said this on his recent meeting with U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. “Our position has not changed, it is the principal, – the President recalled. – We believe that only Syrian people should determine who should govern and on what standards and rules.”

Putin supports the US initiative for the preparation of the resolutions of the UN security Council on Syria, it generally suits Moscow.

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“We – I say now, perhaps, the important thing – support the initiative of the United States, including the preparation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Syria. The draft resolution came (to Moscow) the Secretary of state (USA John Kerry),” said the Russian leader at a large press conference.

“I think that after reading the draft (resolution of the UN security Council on Syria) the Syrian government that it must make,” he added.

“Although something may not like it,’ he admitted. – Because in an attempt to resolve the conflict, which lasts for many years, there can always be compromise, but should be concessions made on both sides”. “We think overall (it’s) acceptable bid. Although there is still work to do,” – said the head of state.

The US initiative suggests that this country and Europe is “extremely concerned about what is happening now in the middle East, in Yemen, in Syria, in Iraq,” Putin said. “We will do our best to contribute to the resolution of this crisis and will continue to strive for solutions that can be found that suited all the parties, however difficult the situation may seem”, he said.

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The President stressed that first must go through the joint work on the new Constitution of Syria, after that there should be a mechanism of control over future choices, which all will trust. “And on the basis of these democratic procedures Syria itself will have to decide what form of government there are more acceptable and who should lead the country”, – concluded the head of state.

According to Vladimir Putin, there is no way to settle the Syrian problem, but a political one, the Russian plan in this almost coincides with the American.

“Another way of resolving this situation does not exist. It’ll have to do sooner or later,” he said, adding, “sooner rather than later”. “Victims will be less and costs, less threat, including for Europe, USA. After killing 14 people in the US. ISIL and there made the way, US law enforcement agencies recognized that this is a terrorist attack from ISIL,” said Putin.

He believes that the way to solve the problem, but political, no. The plan of Russia for settlement of the conflict similar to the U.S. plan. “Plan in key aspects coincides, strange as it may seem, with the proposed USA – this is a joint work on the Constitution, the creation of monitoring tools for future early elections, the elections themselves and the recognition of their results,” he said.

Putin said that Russia will continue air operations and support the offensive of the Syrian army and will seek contacts with the Syrian opposition who are fighting with the IG (banned in the RF group).