Putin will hold a big press conference

Putin will hold a big press conference

The main emphasis is expected to make on social issues and the status of the national economy taking into account falling oil prices. Representatives of foreign media, according to analysts, will be interested in further steps of the country’s foreign policy.

MOSCOW, 17 Dec –. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday will hold the traditional annual big press conference, which will be the eleventh for the head of state in his position.

Communication with media will begin at 12.00 GMT and will be held in the world trade Center.

According to the organizers of the site, a press conference is an unofficial event, so places for journalists are very close to the table that will sit the President.

Before the press conference was beaten the record for the number of accredited journalists at her – 1390 members of the Russian and foreign media. The live broadcast of the event will carry the TV channels “Russia-1”, “Russia 24” and “the First channel” and radio station “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and “Radio of Russia”.

What to expect?

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov before a news conference by the head of state informed that accredited 1392 man. Several journalists have been accredited. He refused to disclose the names have not been accredited members of the media, noting that it would be incorrect.

Peskov stressed that at the press-conference will be presented to all editions. He also suggested that the format of such events is eternal, and reported that journalists rarely manages to surprise with something the head of state.

Interviewed politicians expect from journalists pressing issues. Experts believe that the main focus of Russian journalists will make on the socio-economic issues and the situation of the Russian economy taking into account falling oil prices. Foreign media representatives, according to experts, will be interested in Russia’s further actions in foreign policy.

Vice-President of the Center for political technologies Alexei Makarkin believes that we will talk about what awaits the Russian economy in conditions of further fall in oil prices, what will happen to the guarantees of social rights of citizens that now matters to the regions.

“Now, I think many are waiting what will be said about raising the retirement age, this is one of the important topics of the agenda. May be the question of whether those social guarantees, which are now available to the citizens. May be the question of how in such a situation to exist small business. Of course, the world community will primarily be interested in what to expect from Russia in foreign policy, but the bulk of the questions, probably, will be internal,” said Makarkin.

The foreign block, in his opinion, you can expect questions about the relationship between Russia and the West and a whole range of issues related to middle East issues, including the situation in Syria and relations between Russia and Turkey. The expert has not excluded that will be affected and the Ukrainian subject.

The CEO of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin said that in recent years the society agitated anti-corruption campaign and watching her in the media, so journalists will care how long it will last.

In his opinion, will be affected and the effectiveness of government actions during the crisis. “Some tension trying to remove (Prime Minister of the Russian Federation) Dmitry Medvedev, but the issues remain, and to answer them may only head of state”, — said Mukhin.

The history of press conferences

The practice of holding large annual press conference introduced the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in 2001. Record duration has become a big press conference in 2008. 4 hours 40 minutes Putin answered 106 questions.

Last year, communication with the press lasted 3 hours and 10 minutes. During this time Putin answered 53 questions asked by 38 journalists, 30 of them are Russian and 8 foreign.

Communication with journalists the President began with a small speech in which he told about the main socio-economic indicators of the country in 2014 and plans for the coming years. A significant part of journalists ‘ questions concerned the economic situation in the country, in particular, the stability of the ruble.

The President again accused the West of trying to “put the bear (Russia) on the chain” and called the sanctions against Russia is payback for trying to hold sovereign policy.

Answering questions about Ukraine, the President said that the truth in the situation with the Ukrainian conflict on the side of Russia, not the West. The President also answered a question about his personal life.

The President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov after the press conference stated that, in General, pleased with how it went.

Answering the question about why the press conference lasted only 3 hours and 10 minutes, while usually lasts more than 4 hours and not whether it was due to inactivity of journalists, Peskov said that “now predictable themes, not so much on the agenda”. However, he stressed that the President doesn’t aim to set any records for time the duration of the conference.