The Deputy advised “to eat less” in crisis, denied the withdrawal from the “United Russia”

The Deputy advised “to eat less” in crisis, denied the withdrawal from the “United Russia”

EKATERINBURG, December 17. The Deputy of legislative Assembly of Sverdlovsk region Ilya Haffner, known for his advice to “eat less” in a crisis, is not going to leave the “United Russia”, as previously stated the head of Sverdlovsk branch of party Victor Shepty.

“I know nothing about it, not going to quit the party, are not going to hand over the mandate. Don’t bother me anymore,” said the people’s Deputy.

Victor Shepty on Thursday at a press conference in the Urals regional center reported that Hoffner will leave the party. “Due to the large number of negative references in the media to Haffner were invited to think about leaving the party. According to the law, only he himself can make such a decision. I think he received it, taking into account friendly criticism”, he said.

The claim about bankruptcy of the Deputy

Furthermore, it is now in Arbitration court of Sverdlovsk area the claim is considered Rosselkhozbank on bankruptcy of member. The next meeting will be held on January 14. Previously the regional Directorate of the Federal bailiff service (FSSP) Russia has restricted the exit of Haffner abroad from-for debts for the sum about 200 million roubles.

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“Travel abroad to the Deputy Ilya Gaffner is limited to 16 March because of a debt to 196 million roubles. By the end of this period the decision on restriction of departure will either be renewed or withdrawn if debts are discharged,” – said the Agency interlocutor. The Deputy was later expelled from the political Council of regional branch.

The people’s Deputy became famous for the advice “eat less” in a crisis. He said this in January 2015 during the event “United Russia” on monitoring of prices in stores.
“If, roughly speaking, not enough funds, it is necessary to remember that we’re all Russians, the Russian people were hunger and cold, you just have to think about our health and less to eat,” said then Haffner. His quote got a response in social networks and media.

In October 2015 the Deputy again received a large number of mentions in the media once in Yekaterinburg opened a criminal case against two youths for theft of wheels. According to local media, the suspects are Gainutdinov Igor and Nikita Haffner, the son of Elijah Gaffney.