The Deputy of the state Duma: Turkey has a chance to restore relations with Moscow

The Deputy of the state Duma: Turkey has a chance to restore relations with Moscow

MOSCOW, 17 Dec –. The effect of measures undertaken by the Russian Federation Turkey will feel in six months, while she remains a window of opportunity for normalizing relations with Russia, believes first Deputy Chairman of the faction “Fair Russia” in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov.

The President of the Russian Federation during a press conference on Thursday stated that at the interstate level interactions between Moscow and Ankara is almost impossible, while Humanities will continue. He noted that the current Turkish authorities are virtually impossible to negotiate, and said that Russia does not see any attempts by Turkey to establish relationships.

“I think that Russia still leaves a chance for changing the course of Turkish politics. A chance to establish the relationship remains”, — said Emelyanov journalists.

In his opinion, applied to Turkey’s measures, far from exhaustive, they can be very hard. At the moment the most stringent of measures – cancellation of Charter flights, but it will show itself in full only for the summer, that is, in six months, believes Emelyanov.

“In fact six months, the Turkish leadership given time for reflection. You want to be friends with Russia make moves that should make civilized state. Apologize, make restitution, and closed the incident,” he said.

In this case, if Turkey will sacrifice relations with Russia for the sake of America, any improvement in relations under the current leadership can not be, said the Deputy. “But we still got the chance and the time to make a decision for the Turkish leadership there”, he concluded.

Relations of Russia and Turkey are in crisis after November 24, Turkish F-16 shot down in Syria, the Russian bomber su-24. President Vladimir Putin then signed a decree on measures to ensure national security and on the special economic measures against Turkey, and the government promulgated a regulation in furtherance of this decree.