Three hours answers without cheat sheet: Putin on the truckers, the Seagull, the fact Rotenberg and Boris Nemtsov

Three hours answers without cheat sheet: Putin on the truckers, the Seagull, the fact Rotenberg and Boris Nemtsov

MOSCOW, December 17. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin gave a satisfactory assessment of the work of the government and spoke against personnel reshuffle. During the annual big press conference he also spoke about his attitude to the truckers and the system “Platon”, shared his perspective on the fight against corruption and answered the many other questions raised by the journalists.

The head of state answered the questions in detail and almost resorted to using cheat sheets, with the exception of the introductory part, when he sought to bring a large number of economic and financial indicators. Several times, Putin interrupted his press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, who led the event, and he gave the floor to the journalists. Sometimes the President himself suggested topics, demonstrating that is well aware of the most acute and urgent problems of Russian society. The press conference lasted 3 hours and 08 minutes.

About personnel reshuffle

Strategically, the government makes the right moves and operates effectively – such opinion was expressed by the President, responding to a question Corr. assessment of the performance of the Cabinet and possible changes to it.

Putin reminded that the enemy is human leapfrog. “For quite a long period of time my work should probably be noted that I really care about people and believe that the personnel reshuffle – of course, not always personnel changes are negative – but the mess – it is not needed. It interferes,” said the head of state. “And if something someone does not work – for which I’m responsible – I think there is my fault,” added Putin.

According to him, in the personnel composition of the government “no changes, substantial in any case, is not expected”. Of course, it is necessary to improve the structure of the Cabinet of Ministers, to make its work more effective, however, such plans “are not of a dramatic nature and not related to personalities”.

“As satisfied or not satisfied – in General, I believe that the work is satisfactory. Of course, you can and should do better”, – said Putin.

“Look: in the beginning of last year was prepared and launched anti-crisis plan. Analysis just what has been done, suggests that 35% – more than one – third of the identified activities in the plan, unfortunately, not made”, – stated the head of state. He also noted that “administrative efforts, organizational efforts in various directions in various ministries, departments, of course, made sufficient to promptly, timely and accurately respond to the challenges that we face”.

“Men work”

Among these challenges Putin mentioned the introduction of “Plato”, which provides for paid the passage of heavy vehicles on Federal highways. The President himself initiated the question on this topic and gave the floor to the representative of the “automotive community”.

He recalled that in 2007-2008, Russia had abolished the licensing of heavy road transport.

“Seems to be good, but what it led to in practice? This led to the fact that a large number of people who simply buy these trucks and use it, but it is the gray scheme of the economy, even they are not registered as individual entrepreneurs”, – said Putin.

The President noted that he understands the problems of truckers that have arisen after the introduction of “Plato”.

I am from a working class family, I understand that men work, work, sit behind the wheel, but we need to leave these gray schemes. But I want to support them, believe me. We need to help them. Have some things to finalize

Vladimir Putin

One of these “improvements”, which will deal with the government, would be the abolition of vehicle tax for heavy trucks. “We talked about the fact that in moving to this system may be cancelled the transport tax. Not canceled, by the way, at the urging of regional leaders, because the transport tax goes to the regional budget. But at least for heavy vehicles, which must pay for mileage, it has to be done. I hope that the government very soon, early in the year it will make,” said the head of state.

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Putin also asked the government to streamline the procedure for the acquisition of patents truckers. “How to do it – from (gray – approx. ed.) of the system output and at the same time not to overload various boards, requisitions and taxes? Is there an easy way to give them the opportunity to purchase the patent, budget. Here is the problem: patent issued for a year, and can be seasonal transportation. Let the government will think about it in advance and do it,” he said.

The head of state stressed that the devices of the “Plato” should all be provided free of charge. In addition, he noted that all proceeds from the operation of the system are fully allocated to the Road Fund of the Russian Federation, and the expenditure of 10 billion roubles allocated from the budget for the maintenance and development of the system could be checked. “If someone thinks that these prices for the content, development, high, welcome to do and will make. And it will correctly calculate and present “, – Putin said.

About paid Parking

Answering a continuation of the car theme – the introduction of paid Parking in Moscow,the President stated that “in all major Metropolitan areas to solve the problem of the oversupply of vehicles centre, and indeed even the periphery, unable in any other way, but the introduction of these Parking spaces.” The President acknowledged that “here, too, common sense should be all” and “tags need to exhibit, based on the realities”.

Putin stressed that the zone of Parking and the prices are established not directly by the Moscow mayor’s office, and in coordination with the district authorities, including local MPs. “Income from car parks are entirely, completely, 100%, in the revenue part of local district budgets,” the President said. According to him, “it doesn’t mean you need ignore the upper straps and the borders, but it is, after all, the competence of regions and city authorities, primarily areas”.

On pensions

Journalists, naturally, could not ignore the topic of raising the retirement age. “You know my position, I strongly oppose raising the retirement age, – said in response to Putin. – I still hold the view that the time has not come yet, but I’ll be honest, I’m not that many experts, many practitioners are saying: you want people to do good, but in the end the harm they cause”.

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The President explained that in Russia is growing life expectancy and the number of employees who contribute to the pension system decreases, and the number of pensioners increases.

“If he doesn’t respond to it, it will lead to the fact that the income pension system will be reduced, and then you may experience systemic problems of filling the Pension Fund”, – stated the head of state, adding that the outlets there are not so many: “Will the government simply lower the level of pensions or to raise the retirement age”.

“When to do that, I don’t have an answer for it. It will have to do. In all countries this is done. But when to do that, I don’t like to speak publicly, because we even have the answer yet,” admitted the President.

“And definitely, this will not affect people already retired. They actually change this system retirement age have no relationship. They no longer will make, even if yesterday they retired, today, to get back to work. The law is not retroactive. And all those who have already retired, of course, one hundred% will enjoy all pension rights”, – Putin said.

He recalled that to index in the current year of insurance and social pensions inflation in 2014 was almost impossible in economic terms, but the government did this, despite all the difficulties. “Next year, the planned indexation of 4% across all categories, including military pensioners”, – said the head of state. With regard to possible re-indexing of pensions in the second half of 2016, the decision will be made based on the situation in the economy: “we will see what will happen in the housekeeper mills, and I’d love so that we in actual inflation in 2015 was able to resolve this issue. I don’t know it or not. We must proceed from reality and just can’t break the budget because, in the end, all will be worse,” said Putin.

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The President stressed that the government took no action to abolish the payment of pensions to working pensioners: “This issue was discussed repeatedly in the government. There are different ideas on this, including can be to go back to the Soviet period. Fiscal small winning from the fact that working pensioners the pension will not pay. But no such solution. There is a decision not to index pensions”. This decision applies only to working pensioners, and after they decide to leave the workforce, the pension will be calculated taking into account the earlier indexing schemes.

Turning to other aspects of demography, Putin noted that Russia recorded natural population growth, “this is a very good indicator, says about the mood of the people, that they have the opportunity to plan the development of the family”.

The President reminded that for the duration of the program of the parent capital have received these funds 6.5 million Russian families. “This programme is continued in 2016, the size of the parent capital will remain at the level of 2015 – 453 thousand rubles”, – Putin said.

In addition, said the head of state, “the vast majority of regions solved the problem of access to preschool education – about 97 odd%”.

As another example, he cited data on life expectancy of Russians. “Life expectancy for the year will exceed 71 years”, – informed Putin, citing the data of Rosstat.

About Chaika, Rothenberg and Turchak

The authorities must respond to reports of abuses by officials or members of their families, said the President, answering a question about the number of high-profile publications in which public servants or their children are accused of fraud.

“It’s good that you pay attention to it, it’s really good,” agreed Putin. “This gives us an excuse… we have an obligation to respond,” confirmed the President.

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Meanwhile, Putin recalled the old joke about the employee who was promoted, “because he had some case with a fur coat” but actually just a few years ago his wife was in the theater, stole a fur coat. “Here we do not have to (such revelatory publications) to be treated so,” he said.

Among these publications Putin mentioned the article about the alleged involvement to the fraud or corruption schemes the Governor of the Pskov area Andrey Turchak, children’s Prosecutor General Yury Chaika or businessman Arkady Rotenberg. “Rothenberg is a young… his father anywhere (in the government – approx. ed.) does not work, as far as I know; although I don’t know, maybe they already have, but maybe not,” said the head of state.

Putin did not agree that such items reflect the results of his leadership in the country. “About the results, if we want to be objective, we must recognize that results not only in this, – he said. – Rising incomes, GDP growth almost doubled, strengthening the country’s defense, the fight against terrorism, which we continue to fight, but the ridge we broke him, – here in what results,” the President said. “But things of this nature (as a manifestation of conflict of interest), they are possible almost everywhere,” he said.

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According to the head of state, before making any conclusions, you need to understand: “They, the children of the attorney General, has violated the law or not, if the attorney General some elements related to conflict of interest, he supported and helped their children?” For this, Putin said, there is a control management of the President. “Didn’t want to talk about it, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t do that. We will certainly look into, as it is necessary to look carefully and clear all the possible components of the information appearing in the Internet”, – said the head of state.

He also did not support the proposal to remove a Governor Turchak at the time of the investigation of the attack on the journalist Oleg Kashin.

“I am confident that the decisions and administrative, and human nature, and especially legal should be made solely on reliable facts found during the investigation and trial, and not on the publications of the press, regardless of how much respect we to this attitude,” he said.

About the murder of Nemtsov

Continuing the theme of resonant Affairs at a press conference a question was raised about the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.

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“The investigation should establish, how long it lasted. This crime should be investigated and the parties should be punished, whoever it was. Anybody is not going to cover. But we need to wait for objective data of the investigation,” – said the President.

He recalled that he was personally acquainted with Nemtsov. “I never had relationships that didn’t spoil. But he chose the path of political struggle. I got used to it, he is not alone. But it’s not the fact that people have to kill. I never accept”, – said Putin.

He also said that not discussed with the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, the investigation of the murder Nemtsov and not going to do that. “I never, with regional leaders, including with the leadership of Chechnya, this question is not discussed and do not intend to discuss”, – categorically said the head of state.

The President’s daughter

Has not been at the press conference and no questions asked about the personal life of Putin, about where you live and what you do to his daughter. Usually the President to answer such questions does not like, here and now, when he was asked to comment on media reports that one of his daughters Katerina Tikhonova directs the Center of national intellectual reserve Lomonosov Moscow state University and has been creating in Moscow the scientific-technological valley, Putin only noted that his daughters have a right to their own destiny.

The head of state recalled that recently, the press asserted that his daughters are educated and live abroad. “Now, thank God, no one writes”, he said.

They live in Russia and never for permanent residence did not go. They are nowhere, except Russia, did not receive education. They studied in Russian universities

Vladimir Putin

“I’m proud of them, they continue to learn and work,” the President added.