Abashidze: the issue of diplomatic relations of Georgia and the Russian Federation in the agenda is not worth it

Abashidze: the issue of diplomatic relations of Georgia and the Russian Federation in the agenda is not worth it

The Georgian authorities intend to continue the policy aimed at restoring relations with Russia, however the issue of diplomatic relations to date, the agenda is not necessary, said Zurab Abashidze.

TBILISI, 18 Dec. Magee Kikaleyshvili. The special representative of the Georgian Premier on settlement of relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze said that Georgia seeks to bring relations with Russia from a deep impasse, but the issue of restoration of diplomatic relations between the countries not on the agenda.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at the annual press conference on Thursday noted that Moscow was the initiator of the collapse of relations with Georgia, but is ready to restore them. With regard to the territorial integrity of Georgia, that, according to Putin, first of all the case of the Georgian, South Ossetian and Abkhaz peoples need to work with them. Putin said that Moscow will accept any decision. The Russian President also said that Moscow is ready to cancel visa regime with Georgia. Now Russians can visit Georgia without visas, but citizens of the Republic must obtain a visa to visit Russia.

“We try to bring our Russia relations out of the deep impasse, and the results really are. We must therefore continue our course, external solidarity, calm and at the same time fundamentally. I hope that this year will have even better results… the Question of diplomatic relations at the moment not on the agenda, and our colleagues know why. It is connected with territorial integrity, with the question of sovereignty,” Abashidze stated on Friday.

Special representative of Georgian Prime Minister said that to address the issue of restoration of diplomatic relations is possible only after it will have made important steps forward.

Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Russia in response to Moscow’s recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in August 2008 after the armed aggression of Tbilisi against Tskhinvali. Representatives of the new Georgian government that came to power after the elections in October 2012, was named one of the top priorities of foreign policy normalization of relations with Russia. The authorities of Georgia declare that concessions on the issue of territorial integrity, they are not going.

At the moment, the dialogue between Russia and Georgia supported in the framework of the Geneva discussions and regular meetings special premiere of Georgia Abashidze and Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin held in Prague. The meeting format did not include consideration of political questions, they deal with highly specific matters of trade, transport, cultural and humanitarian cooperation.