In Tbilisi, reiterated the possibility of holding meetings with the authorities of the Russian Federation

In Tbilisi, reiterated the possibility of holding meetings with the authorities of the Russian Federation

Despite the fact that between Russia and Georgia today there are no diplomatic relations, the Georgian side expressed hope for the possibility of a meeting of senior officials of the two countries.

TBILISI, 18 Dec. Magee Kikaleyshvili. Vice Prime Minister of Georgia, Minister of energy Kakhi Kaladze stated about the possibility of holding a high-level meeting of representatives of Russia and Georgia, however, believes that to meet the necessary preparation and it needs to be effective.

President Vladimir Putin’s big annual press conference on Thursday said that Moscow is ready to cancel visa regime with Georgia. Now Russians can visit Georgia without visas, but citizens of the Republic must obtain a visa to visit Russia. Prime Minister of Georgia stated that the words of Putin on the abolition of visas is a step in the right direction.

“I think, should not be the meeting for the meeting. This requires preparation. We have no diplomatic relations. However, in economic direction since 2012 there have been many changes… if possible, the meeting should be prepared, that she would bring results,” — said Kaladze told reporters.

Earlier in Tbilisi has declared its readiness to hold meetings of high-ranking officials of the two countries, but noted that they need time, preparation, meetings should be result-oriented.

Georgia broke off diplomatic relations with Russia in response to Moscow’s recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia in August 2008 after the armed aggression of Tbilisi against Tskhinvali. Representatives of the new Georgian government that came to power after the elections in October 2012, was named one of the top priorities of foreign policy normalization of relations with Russia. The authorities of Georgia declare that concessions on the issue of territorial integrity, they are not going.

At the moment, the dialogue between Russia and Georgia supported in the framework of the Geneva discussions and regular meetings special premiere of Georgia Abashidze and Deputy foreign Minister Grigory Karasin held in Prague. The meeting format did not include consideration of political questions, they deal with highly specific matters of trade, transport, cultural and humanitarian cooperation.