Kremlin: the Donbass was fighting only volunteers from Russia

Kremlin: the Donbass was fighting only volunteers from Russia

MOSCOW, December 18. In the fighting in the Donbass from Russia could participate only volunteers, other interpretations, about the alleged presence of Russian military in the region, is incorrect. This was stated to journalists the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on recent media comments of Vladimir Putin’s big press conference.

“This is absolutely wrong,” – said Peskov on a question, is it possible to say that in Donbass there were Russian military experts. “They (the media) incorrectly interpreted it”, – said the representative of the Kremlin, commenting on speculation in the press about the participation of intelligence officers in the conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

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“Obviously, if you read Putin’s words with an open mind, you will remember that he repeatedly said about our fellow citizens, citizens of other CIS that are sent individually (in the zone of conflict), someone does not have a particular area of practice, someone is using a vacation, someone takes a vacation at his own expense. Yes, indeed, there are such people and they go there, these are the people who have expressed in due time its solidarity with Donbass, which are considered to be inadmissible to accept that the Armed forces of Ukraine began to destroy the settlements on the South-East of Ukraine”, – said Peskov.

“This is military”

“There will be war, and people go there to fight. Shot, participated in the fighting. This is the military sphere”, – said the press Secretary of the President. He replied affirmatively when asked whether it is only about volunteers.

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Sand also has noticed that now there is another situation where “some people fall into the clutches of the recruiters Islamists”. He recalled that, according to intelligence agencies, “the victims of extremist Islamists of treatment” became more than 2 thousand of our countrymen, they are among the terrorists.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin said at a press conference that “we never said that there (in the Donbas – ed.) there are no people who are addressing certain issues, including in the military sphere, but this does not mean that there are regular Russian troops”.