Lavrov will take part in the negotiations of the group of support of Syria and the UN security Council meeting

Lavrov will take part in the negotiations of the group of support of Syria and the UN security Council meeting

NEW YORK, December 18. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov on December 18 in new York will participate in the International support group Syria (MGPS) and the UN security Council meeting where, as expected, a resolution will be adopted, embodying the results of multilateral negotiations on settlement in Syria.

The head of the Russian foreign Ministry earlier expressed support for negotiations MGPS in new York. “We hope that, with the consent of all its members agreed to submit for consideration the UN security Council a draft resolution, which will reaffirm all the principles laid down in the Vienna instruments – Vienna statements dated 30 October and 14 November this year”, – said Lavrov.

Preparatory visit

The settlement of the conflict in Syria through political dialogue between all parties, with the exception of terrorists, was discussed at the meeting on 15 December visit to Russia by U.S. Secretary of state John Kerry. In practical terms, one of the main tasks held in the Russian capital of negotiations at the Ministerial level and follow-up meeting, the American Secretary of state with Russian President Vladimir Putin has been preparing for the meeting MGPS. Moscow has clearly indicated that it sees no need to “conference for conference.” Lavrov particularly stressed the importance to the success of the work of compiling lists of the opposition and terrorists in Syria.

Russia’s position was taken into account: as stated after Kerry’s visit to Russia the Russian foreign Minister, “confirmed the agreement of the Vienna meetings, based on the Geneva communiqué of 30 June 2012, we agreed to continue being at a rather advanced stage work in terms of compiling a unified list of terrorist organizations and to assist the UN in forming the opposition delegation, which should be representative and is ready to negotiate with the delegation of the Syrian government in a constructive manner in line with the principles approved by the members of the International support group in Syria”.

Russia will not agree to Syria’s rulers were determined from the outside

The principled approaches of Russia to resolve the Syrian crisis offered a detailed manner the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin at a big press conference on Thursday. He stressed that to solve the Syrian problem through political means, and the Russian plan in this almost coincides with the American. “Another way of resolving this situation does not exist. It’ll have to do sooner or later,” he said, adding that “sooner rather than later”.

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The President also pointed out that “we generally support the initiative of the United States, including the preparation of the resolutions of the UN Security Council on Syria”. “The draft resolution came (to Moscow) the Secretary of state (USA John Kerry),” added the Russian leader.

The President stressed that first must go through the joint work on the new Constitution of Syria, and after that there should be a mechanism of control over future choices, which all will trust. “And on the basis of these democratic procedures Syria itself will have to decide what form of government there are more acceptable and who should lead the country”, – said the head of state. Separate emphasis Putin has made on the inadmissibility of attempts to dictate to the Syrians outside the terms of the settlement. “We will never accept that anyone from anywhere will be anyone to dictate who should where to lead, he said. It just absolutely does not fit nor in any common sense nor international law.”

Regional factors

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For the month since the previous meeting MHPS in the situation around Syria have been some changes, which obviously will be discussed at the negotiations and can affect their result. First, Saudi Arabia announced the creation of an Islamic coalition against the terrorists in Syria. As pointed out in this connection Lavrov, Russia will analyze the role of this format in opposition to terror. According to the Minister, the Association has the potential to launch a wide process of interfaith dialogue to solve this problem, and also to combat extremists in the ideological sphere.

Another important point in the development process of a political settlement in Syria has become a conference as the Syrian opposition December 8-10, held in Riyadh. It was attended by representatives of groups that are either outside the country or opposing the government of Bashar al-Assad with weapons in their hands. Following the meeting, they announced the creation of a delegation for talks with the government, however, reiterated its demand for the departure of the current Syrian President. Commenting on the results of the meeting in Riyadh, Lavrov pointed out that this is just one of the steps in the formation of the opposition delegation, as many other groups of opponents of Assad invited to Saudi Arabia were not. About the presence of questions to the meeting and told the American Secretary of state.