Medvedev: at the far Eastern plant “Zvezda” in a year should be laid first vessel

Medvedev: at the far Eastern plant “Zvezda” in a year should be laid first vessel

VLADIVOSTOK, December 18. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev ordered before February 1, 2016 to make the instrument for the establishment of the new territory of advanced development (TOR) in the city of Bolshoi Kamen, where the shipbuilding plant “Zvezda”.

“Until February 1, offer to do some more things: in particular, how should the system work shipbuilding complex “Zvezda” and the FCSS. You want to create THOR, waiting to make documents from the Ministry, a document about the creation of TOR in the city of Bolshoi Kamen (where the factory is located “Star”) need to submit to the government until 1 February,” said the Prime Minister at the meeting of the governmental commissions on import substitution and on the socio-economic development of the Far East and the Baikal region.

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“All three stages of construction of this project must be done, otherwise this project at all “doesn’t work”. And now if we are talking about whether to do it or not do it, then you need to reconsider the concept. And this, I think it would be wrong,” said the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister said that during the visit to the factory, he examined the infrastructure of the company associated not only with civil shipbuilding, but also its components that work at the Ministry of defense. “It works because there are orders for repair and so on. But, nevertheless, I noticed that there are boats that are utilized as part of the program, Medvedev said. – We continue to take money from Americans; you have to understand, we need it at all today or not, to the extent significant resources. They want to come, to go there, sniffing around. We need it or not?”

Medvedev added that no requests to take specific measures, but should assess the situation and report to the President. The Prime Minister instructed to carry out the relevant work on the economic component of the relevant agreements. He also noted that the plant a year should be laid first vessel. In addition, Prime Minister instructed to prepare a programme for housing construction for workers of the plant.

“This program needs to prepare using all of the tools we have. Pay attention to it and members of the government and the company “Rosneft” and the company itself, and Primorsky Krai”, – said the head of the Cabinet. He pointed out the necessity of deciding on all communications infrastructure, carrying out teamwork in the preparation of decisions related to the supply of the main sources of electricity and gas supply of cities, as well as the far Eastern shipbuilding centre. Medvedev appealed to the companies involved in this issue, with a request to conduct consultations and to submit proposals as to how this problem can be solved in the short term.

Statement Sechin

According to the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, the total volume of investments of Rosneft in the construction of the “Stars” will amount to 145 billion roubles, has already invested more than 22 billion rubles. He also noted that by 2030, the portfolio of orders “Stars” will be increased to 75 vessels.

“On the stage of the company’s exploration work in the planning horizon to 2030 portfolio (Star) will be increased to 75 units ships and marine technology. Request that other companies involved in the offshore operations, also participated in the formation of orders,” – said Sechin.

About the plant

The implementation of the investment project on creation of a shipbuilding complex “Star” is conducted by a consortium of investors comprised of companies “Rosneft”, “Gazprombank” and the United shipbuilding Corporation.

On the basis of existing enterprises of the far Eastern plant “Zvezda”, which belongs to the far Eastern center of shipbuilding and repair, construction of one of the most modern shipyards in Russia. According to the results of the project “Star” will produce vessels of up to 350 thousand tons, elements of offshore platforms, icebreakers, special vessels and other marine equipment.

The timing of the project – 2012-2024 years, the total budget was 145.4 billion.

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The project is split into three stages. The first involves the construction of the hull block production and painting chambers. After its completion the new plant will produce ship structures weighing up to 300 tons and vessels trigger up to 13 thousand tons. The second phase involves the construction of an open fitting-out berth with shops that will allow to build vessels up to 200 meters and launching weight up to 38 tons. The third phase is the construction dry dock with predostavili platforms, docks, the largest in Russia, for the manufacture of any large displacement of objects.

Currently in the final stage of the first phase of the project. On the open slipway site finishes the installation of the crane “Goliath”. This will be the first in Russia crane capacity of 1,200 tons, with a height of 98 m and a span of 230 m. there Is a search provider, carried out procurement procedures. The initial price of contract amounts to 8.14 billion.

The plant “Zvezda” was founded in 1946 and is a leading company for repair of submarines of the Pacific fleet, only in the far East specializing in repair, re-equipment and modernization of nuclear submarines. The company carries out repair and modernization of marine equipment and vessels of all categories of complexity with power plants of all types, including nuclear.