Savings: investment life insurance gaining popularity

Savings: investment life insurance gaining popularity

Program investment life insurance from “Sberbank life insurance” can offer an attractive combination of secure attachments with investing in a wide range of strategies in domestic and international market.

Amid ongoing volatility in the financial markets before beginning investors there is a serious dilemma: the profitability of Bank deposits, in many cases, stable but low. Unit investment funds (PIFs), although they offer more attractive revenue opportunities, but did not exclude loss of the invested — and if earlier they claimed to be the most popular product, now, usually, more shift in a segment of more experienced investors.

Against this background, gaining popularity of investment life insurance (coli)* insurance product that allows you to the time of expiration of the insurance contract to implement a 100% return of invested funds, but also provides the opportunity to earn additional investment income.

Company “Sberbank life insurance”, which is one of the leaders on the Russian life insurance market**, also has in its product line the product with an investment component.

When the customer has paid insurance premium the portion of funds is invested by the insurance company in conservative instruments (deposits, government bonds), and part is invested in the chosen asset that provides the opportunity to earn additional investment income. However, when purchasing this insurance program, the risk of non-receipt of income, as in the case of investments, the client has to take. The “conservative” financial instruments designed to offset investment risks, and in the case that the selected asset is fully depreciated, the client at the end of the term of the contract will be paid out the invested funds in full (paid insurance amount).

The design of this insurance program is expected in the long term. However, if the client wishes to terminate the contract before the period for which it is being executed, the client will receive the amount in full, and only the surrender value.

This restriction is necessary because the market is going through periods of recession and growth, and a real chance to “catch” the right moment, and to receive the income on the average timeframe, usually higher. At the same time, if market conditions turns out to be very successful in the first years, nothing forces the client to continue to put investments at risk of new losses. If additional investment income to cover the deduction, you can pick up a cash surrender value before — had, for example, many holders of foreign exchange insurance policies, which, in terms of rubles, in 2014 the income was double, and even higher (although, as it turned out, they hurried, and in the end, could earn even more). In addition, you can simply change the underlying asset: for example, to leave in the first two or three years, investment in precious metal, and then, without any deductions, to choose another promising market — or transfer investments into more conservative investments segment.

It is important to note that the range of products of the group of companies of Sberbank coli is not positioned as an alternative to the Deposit. According to experts “Sberbank life insurance”, this product is targeted for clients who in the “middle pocket” on the Deposit amount already set aside at least 3-4 covers of the monthly income. Anything can happen, for example, a change of work may lead to a break in the receipt of wages. And out of long-term placement of funds for current spending is completely unreasonable. On the other hand, to keep the annual budget for the Deposit also can be not always correct, and the holder of such stock already, you may receive interest not only to preserve funds, but also to increase their revenues through the placement of 10-15% savings in tools that can act as an alternative investment products.

Program investment life insurance from “Sberbank life insurance” can offer an attractive combination of secure attachments with investing in a wide range of policies at domestic and global markets, from commodity markets (gold, industrial metals, oil) and of an index of RTS to global bond funds and investments in new markets through the largest exchange of high technologies.

In addition, insurance products with an investment component there is another advantage — preferential taxation of income: personal income tax, he pays only in excess of the income above the rate of refinancing of the Central Bank. Also from 2015, when the contract is concluded for a period longer than five years, clients are eligible to receive a tax deduction that allows you to receive a refund of personal income tax paid on income of the client.

Insurance service is LLC IC “Sberbank life insurance”, 115162, Moscow, street Shabolovka, d. 31G. License for implementation of insurance (voluntary life insurance) LF No. 3692 issued on 05 March 2015 the Bank of Russia (indefinite). Detailed information about the insurance program of “Investment life insurance”, the conditions of its registration, the list of insurance risks, limits, sum insured and amount of insurance payments on rates and other terms you can find on the website or around the clock by phone: 8 800 555 5595. Calls are free in Russia.

PJSC Sberbank (General license of Bank of Russia № 1481 from 11.08.2015) acts as an agent of the insurance company on the basis of the Agency contract № 8-IP from 22.10.2012 g.

*According to the study “life Insurance in Russia: change of the driver” conducted by RAEX (Expert RA) conducted in 2015.

**According to the assessment carried out RAEX (Expert RA) by the end of 2014 statistical data of the Central Bank.

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