“The most hated American millionaire” Martin Shkreli caught cheating

Moscow. December 18. American millionaire Martin Shkreli, in September vzvintili the price of the medication daraprim, vital for people with HIV, from $13.50 to $750 dollars per tablet, Thursday was arrested on charges of financial fraud. Now, however, he was released after paying a bail of $5 million of Shkreli denies all allegations.

According to Bloomberg, Shkreli is accused of using so-called “Ponzi schemes”, which assumes that interest on investments is paid at the expense of inflow of new customers. Shkreli is suspected of using the means of the pharmaceutical company Retrophin to cover the multimillion-dollar losses of the investment Fund MSNB Capital Management.

Together with Shkreli was arrested his lawyer Evan Greebel, which is now also returned home after paying a Deposit in the amount of $1 million.

Martin Shkreli received the title of “most hated man in America” in August of this year, after his company Turing Pharmaceuticals bought the patent for the production of daraprim, which over 50 years is used for the treatment of toxoplasmosis. It is often prescribed for HIV-infected and cancer patients, as toxoplasmosis is particularly dangerous for people with weak immune systems.

The new owners, per night raised the price of the drug at once in 55 times, citing the need to make a profit, and to invest in developing new drugs. In case Shkreli noticed and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. On her request to lower the price, Shkreli on Twitter wrote “lol” (meaning laugh out loud).

At the Forbes event, held earlier in December in new York, Shkreli said that would raise the price of the medicine are even higher, as investors expect him to maximize profits.

In December in the American media was widely covered by another act of Shkreli. Eccentric millionaire spent more than $2 million dollars for the only copy of the album Once Upon In Shaolin group Wu-Tang Clan.