Trutnev: the government must be transparent

Trutnev: the government must be transparent

MOSCOW, December 21. The work of officials should be completely transparent, but to “crystalline clarity” in Russia is still far. This opinion was expressed by the Plenipotentiary of the President – the Vice-Premier Yuri Trutnev in an interview for the project “First person”.

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“We have to grow to a level where any non-transparent action will cause a strong reaction from others,” – said the envoy. “Pulled his blanket the wrong way, and he immediately hand: “Dude, what are you doing? The state’s interests lie in a different direction,” he said. “Today we are closer to this state than twelve years ago, when I came to the Federal government, although the crystal transparency of the decisions made we are still far” – added the Vice Premier.

Trutnev said that he tries to avoid a conflict of interest on the site entrusted to it. According to him, he recently gave a day one of the far Eastern leaders to exclude the intersection of its current activities in the civil service with previous commercial interests. Not naming the name of him of whom he spoke, Trutnev said that after this assignment the problem was solved.

At the same time the Vice-Premier urged not to share all the polls of officials “on a fair and selfish”. “The problem is that not always only about personal gain distorts the decision,” he said. “Sometimes people do not want to quarrel and make enemies, sometimes he lacks will and confidence in the correctness of the choice” – said Deputy Prime Minister. “A lot of distorting factors, therefore, it is important ability to achieve the result”,- said Trutnev.

The Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged that “in making decisions sometimes is the sheer mud; sometimes the affiliation”. He talked about the fact that the pressure on the officials were, in particular, during changes in environmental legislation, which demanded a more responsible approach, while discussing the issue of catch quotas in the fishing industry, the implementation of the instructions of the President on incentives for regional investment projects.

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