Peskov: Russia takes measures in connection with the attempted arrest of her property in the Yukos case

Peskov: Russia takes measures in connection with the attempted arrest of her property in the Yukos case

MOSCOW, December 22. Russia retaliates in connection with attempts to ex-shareholders of Yukos to arrest Russian property.

“This refers to legal procedures”

“Of course, legal action is aimed at protecting the interests of the Russian Federation, being made”, – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov.


The claim of the former shareholders of Yukos against the Russian Federation. Dossier

The Yukos Affair. Dossier

“This is about legal procedures, legal responses, which takes the Russian side”, – he added.

The representative of the Kremlin has noticed that does not have detailed information on the latest decisions of the courts, “to be in a position to comment on that”.

Earlier, several media outlets reported that former shareholders of Yukos managed to obtain the arrest of payments by launch services provider Arianespace and satellite operator Eutelsat to Russian counterparties.

Media noted that former Yukos shareholders have a claim on arrest of property of the Russian Federation, which is by the Air France – company payments for flights over Siberia.

Claims on Russian assets

The permanent court of arbitration in the Hague in July 2014 ordered Russia to pay nearly $50 billion to companies affiliated with former shareholders of the company. The court decided that Russia’s actions against Yukos could be regarded as expropriation of the investment, violating the 45th article of the Energy Charter, which Russia has signed but not ratified.

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Russia has already expressed strong disagreement with the decision of the arbitration court in the Hague. As mentioned in the Treasury statement at the end of July last year, the court’s conclusions are in direct conflict with the conclusions of the compositions of the two chambers of the European court of human rights. According to the Ministry of Finance, the ECtHR has concluded twice that YUKOS committed large-scale tax evasion, the company’s management was aware of violations that additional charge of almost all taxes in the company address was legitimate and lawful, YUKOS was not discriminated against and that the actions of Russian authorities were not political in nature. In addition, according to the Finance Ministry, the arbitration court in the Hague did not possess jurisdiction to make such a decision.

We believe that this is illegal, and undertaken a number of actions aimed at in the legal field in court to protect our interests. The situation in France and Belgium – we must note, unfortunately, very politicized. Let’s hope that common sense will prevail and we are far in this story do not stop

Andrey Belousov

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