Russia from December 23, facilitates visa regime for Georgian citizens

Russia from December 23, facilitates visa regime for Georgian citizens

MOSCOW, December 22. Russia as of December 23 eases visa regime for citizens of Georgia and does not exclude in the future the introduction of mutual visa-free regime. This is stated in comments released by the Russian foreign Ministry.

“In the context of the ongoing process of normalization of Russian-Georgian relations and to promote positive trends between the two countries starting from 23 December 2015 to the citizens of Georgia will be handled business, work, educational and humanitarian visa any multiplicity, as well as private visa regardless of the existence of the relationship between referrer and referred on to the actual invitations issued in accordance with the established procedure by bodies of the FMS of Russia”, – said in depodesta.

Thus in the Russian foreign Ministry stressed that “the Russian side is firmly committed to continue to take steps aimed at facilitating the communication between citizens of the two countries, not excluding the subsequent visa-free regime on a reciprocal basis”.

Russia is ready to restore relations with Georgia

Earlier, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has declared that Russia is ready to restore relations with Georgia and with it the abolition of the visa regime.

As for visa, Yes, we think we are ready to cancel it

Vladimir Putin

“We are ready to restore the relationship. Georgia’s territorial integrity – a matter primarily of the Georgian people. the South Ossetian and Abkhaz. Need to work with them. We will take any decision”, – said the President of Russia on the big press conference.

According to him, Russia “sees the signals from the current leadership of Georgia, and these signals are accepted”. “Please note, two-thirds of the wine and wine materials from Georgia’s export volume goes to the Russian market, and not somewhere there, in the far abroad. We also take these products,” – said Putin. According to him, between the countries increased the trade volume, he demonstrates a “sufficiently large growth rates”.

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