Defense Ministry: Turkish authorities have de facto recognized the planned destruction of the su-24M

Defense Ministry: Turkish authorities have de facto recognized the planned destruction of the su-24M

MOSCOW, December 23. The statement of a Turkish official, showing awareness of the number of flights of Russian aviation in Syria, can be considered “official recognition” pre-planned operation to destroy the su-24M.

This was stated by the official representative of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation Igor Konashenkov.

He recalled that the Turkish media with reference to official representative of the government of the country of Numana Kurtulmus issued a statement, which contains precise data about the number of sorties of the Russian air force in Syria. Thus, according to the representative of the Ministry of defense, Ankara has demonstrated that it receives data on flights that are passed by the Russian military of the United States.

“These words of the Numan Kurtulmus can be considered the official Turkish recognition of the fact pre-planned operation to destroy Syrian in the sky Russian aircraft and the murder of Russian soldiers,” said Konashenkov.

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“On November 24, when Turkish fighter treacherously attacked by our missile bomber su-24, the Turkish General staff was well aware of how, at what time and in which area to perform a combat mission a couple of Russian bombers”, he said.

Russian su-24M was shot down by Turkish fighter F-16C on November 24. As a result, one of the pilots died, another was saved. During the operation to evacuate the crew of the bomber was lost a Mi-8 helicopter, a marine was killed a contract. In Ankara stated that the downed aircraft has violated the airspace of Turkey. In the Russian defense Ministry denied these accusations.

A stab in the back

Immediately after the incident, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin called the incident with su-24 in a shot that struck the Russian Federation in the back the accomplices of the terrorists. “Today’s loss is connected with the blow that struck us in the back accomplices of terrorism. Otherwise I can’t qualify what happened,” said the Russian leader.

The Russian Federation has long recorded deliveries of crude oil to Turkey from parts of Syria, captured by terrorists, Putin said. “We have long revealed the fact that Turkey is a large amount of petroleum and petroleum products seized by the ISIL (the former abbreviation of the is prohibited in Russia grouping “Islamic state”) territories,” he said. According to him, hence there was “big money fueling gangs”. “Now strikes us in the back, the attacks on our aircraft in the fight against terrorism,” continued Putin.

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According to him, the attack happened on Turkey, despite the fact that “we with the American partners signed the agreement on prevention of incidents in the air, and Turkey, as you know, among those who have announced that they are supposedly fighting terrorism as part of the American coalition.”

“If they, ISIS, the money – and the account goes on tens, hundreds of millions, maybe billions of dollars – by trading oil, plus they have the protection of armed forces of entire Nations, then it is clear why they behave so boldly and blatantly, why do they kill people in the most horrific ways, why they are committing terrorist acts worldwide, including in the heart of Europe”, – Putin said.


The main striking force of the Russian air group in Syria is the upgraded front-line bomber su-24M.

Su-24 (NATO classification – Fencer-D) is a front-line bomber with variable sweep wing, for his long nose earned the nickname “the Swordsman”. Designed for application of air strikes in simple and adverse weather conditions, day and night, including at low altitudes. Chief designer – Eugene Feltner.

The aircraft made its first flight in 1976. The bomber is equipped with specialized computing subsystem SVP-24 “Hephaestus”, accepted in 2008, which extends the capabilities of the aircraft to search and destroy targets. Su-24M capable of flying at low altitudes with terrain following. The bomber can strike both ground and surface targets with the use of a wide range of ammunition, including high-precision weapons, including guided aviation bombs (KAB). The maximum speed of flight – 1250 km/h and the ferry range of 775 km 2 (with two external fuel tanks PTB-3000). The aircraft is equipped with two turbojet engines AL-21F-3A a thrust of 11,200 kgf each.

Armament gun caliber 23 mm, 8 hardpoints can carry missiles class “air – surface” and “air – air”, guided and free fall bombs and unguided air missiles, a removable gun mount. On Board can carry a tactical nuclear bomb.

Currently the su-24 and its modifications are in service with the Russian air force, as well as Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine. About 120 of the modified units are planned to be replaced with su-34 by 2020.