Dolgov called the report of Amnesty International about the actions of VKS the Russian base in Syria duck

MOSCOW, December 24. Authorized foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov called the report “International Amnesty” (Amnesty International) by the actions of the Russian Federation HQs in Syria false and customized, base information duck.

“The report completely false and has obviously custom-made character, – the diplomat said in an interview. – It is obvious that it was intended to excite information space baseless conclusions with a loud and much needed now in some Western capitals anti-Russian rhetoric”.

In the report, he said, all the time used expressions such as “presumably Russian airstrikes”, “possible violations of international law”, “probably” and so on. “That is a solid assumption without any evidence. Presented by Amnesty International of photographic evidence and even absurd,” said Debts.

“We consider it unworthy of such prestigious international NGOs as Amnesty international to stoop to the fabrication of base information ducks, – said the authorized MFA of Russia on human rights. – Would be better if they focused their efforts on large-scale facts of the use of cluster weapons by the Ukrainian security forces in Donbass, the barbaric practices of the terrorists of the Islamic state (a terrorist group banned in Russia) on the territories under their control and other gross violations of human rights in the world”.