In the Federation Council propose to establish the point of investing amnestied capital

In the Federation Council propose to establish the point of investing amnestied capital

Targeted investments necessary to create in Russia public participation, in particular this can be a special economic zone, said a member of the Federation Council from the Altai Vladimir Poletaev.

MOSCOW, 24 Dec. In the Federation Council suggest to create in Russia address the point of return investment from abroad on terms of Amnesty of capital funds, such points should offer investors tax benefits and preferences.

“We need to offer a business that wants to use the law on Amnesty of capital, the address of the point of investments of foreign capital on the territory of the Russian Federation with participation of the government — where money will work for the owner and at the same time bring benefits to the state and citizens”, — said the member of the Federation Council from the Altai Vladimir Poletaev.

As those address objects he proposes to examine, for example, special economic zones (SEZ) on the territory of Russia or investment projects approved by the Federal government for project financing.

The Senator noted that these projects approved the Ministry of economic development and regions, the government offers investors not only incentives, tax preferences and the absence of customs barriers, but also convenient for logistics infrastructure, friendly administration.

“To ensure that the law on Amnesty of capital earned, the state needs to offer businesses specific conditions and warranties, on which his money will not only be saved when you return to home, but also increase. Business are accustomed to count money, must see a direct benefit and guaranteed security,” — said Poletaev.

As for the regions, he said, the chance to create investment platform approved at the Federal level and with infrastructure that falls today is not to each of them. “Certainly, the regional authorities will fight for them – this will be a unique auction of projects involving amnestied capital”, — said the Senator.

“The man returns and puts their money into the Russian economy and the specific objects that he owns and independently manages its own investments – this is an obvious plus,” he said.

For its part, the state may regulate this investment process by using quotas in certain areas of the economy by diverting investment funds to the most needy sectors and actors, said Poletaev.

In addition, the Senator proposed “to relieve the fears of business” to consider a mechanism for exemption from financial sanctions for economic offences (other than offences) in the first three to five years of activity of subjects with annotirovannyi capital or until recoupment. This will protect the business from excessive inspections by Supervisory bodies, will allow it to develop peacefully and become profitable, said a member of the Federation Council.

“I am confident that the business that used to think pragmatically, will appreciate the advantages that can give the particular economic territory. It will also help remove the issue of mistrust of business to the state. Amnestied capital will be protected when investing with a joint government projects,” said Poletaev.