Political scientists: definitely to talk about the resignation of the head of Petrozavodsk cannot

Political scientists: definitely to talk about the resignation of the head of Petrozavodsk cannot

A group of deputies of Petrozavodsk city Council initiated the issue about resignation of the mayor Galina Chisinau for default powers. According to political analysts, it is about the conflict of the Governor with the mayor.

MOSCOW, 24 Dec. Deputies of Petrozavodsk city Council on Friday will consider the early resignation of the head of Petrozavodsk Galina Chisinau, which, as interviewed experts, cannot be considered a foregone conclusion.

Deputies-initiators justify their actions by the failure of the mayor duties, but political analysts believe that the real reason was the conflict with head of the Republic Alexander Khudilainen. The Governor, whose opinion must be taken into account when considering the initiative of the deputies, has not yet announced its position; it is expected that this will happen in Friday’s session.


The initiative group of deputies has previously presented the head of Petrozavodsk appeal of resignation, stating the facts of default, the mayor of the authority.

In particular, the appeal States non-execution “for three months or more duties under the decision of questions of local value”. Deputies say that is not executed, the General plan of Petrozavodsk: construction of treatment plants storm sewer, reconstruction of water treatment facilities, the transfer of consumers of liquefied natural gas, Parking management, elimination of bottlenecks of the road network.

In addition, according to the deputies, the mayor is not fulfilled state authority for social security of children-orphans with housing. Moreover, for the entire length of the guide Chisinau (September 2013) not commissioned a single dwelling.

An impressive list of claims 68 sheets was signed by 23 deputies from 30.

However, the interviewed political analysts believe that the conflict lies in a different plane.

“This will be the peak of long-standing conflict between Republican and municipal authorities”, — the head of Fund “Petersburg politics” Mikhail Vinogradov.

“I think that without Judilynn deputies would not have to fight” — I agree with Vinogradov, President of “Center of political technologies” doctor of political Sciences Igor Bunin.

Bunin believes that this is a common conflict of the Governor with the mayor. “The most important thing for the Governor is to control the region. Governors mayors don’t like that show at least some independence. I’m afraid that they can change, that can resist to them,” he said.


An appeal about resignation of the mayor signed by more than 75 % of the deputies. A resignation took place, “for” should vote not less than two thirds of a DePuy corps.

However, political analysts believe that predictions on the results of tomorrow’s vote is ambiguous.

“The Governor has support in the power structures, but as far as I understand, the Kremlin does not want to (Sirinu – ed.) fired in an empty place. MPs depend more on the Governor than from the Kremlin”, — says Bunin.

“Administratively (retired – ed.) will be a victory of the Republican authorities. At the same time, there are certain risks, because we see a consolidation at the Federal level positions allied to Chisinau forces, which resulted in the election of the head of the “Yabloko” Emilia Kabanovoy”, — said Vinogradov.

He reminded that on elections of the head of Petrozavodsk in 2013 Shirshina received the support of “Apple” after Kabanovoy candidacy was withdrawn by the court.


Experts agree that the current situation can have impact on regional results in the upcoming 2016 elections in the state Duma.

According to Vinogradov, Karelia remains a potentially protest region where the possible “reaction”.

“Moreover, in the last elections of the mayor of Petrozavodsk to withdraw Kabanovoy triggered a number of failures of candidates from the ruling party. There is a risk that administrative pressure may come back to haunt in a year,” says Vinogradov.

Bunin also believed that the current situation can influence the outcome of the forthcoming Duma elections.

“As far as I know (Chisinau – ed.) is the sympathy of the population, it is well quoted, well started her mayoral activities. I think that in elections “the Apple” in Petrozavodsk, it will give additional advantages,” concluded the President of “Centre of political technologies”.