Putin: Russia and India will sign a Protocol facilitating the visa regime for businessmen of the two countries

Putin: Russia and India will sign a Protocol facilitating the visa regime for businessmen of the two countries

MOSCOW, December 24. Russia and India will sign on Thursday a Protocol that facilitates the visa regime for businessmen of the two countries, said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

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“One of the important issues, in particular, is to provide entrepreneurs greater freedom of movement. And today will be signed miproperty facilitating the visa regime for businessmen in Russia and India,” Putin said at a meeting with representatives of business circles of Russia and India, which it conducts together with Indian Prime Minister Narendra modi.

Russia is interested in India more companies placed their production in Russia, Putin said.

“We are interested in Indian partners actively placed their production in Russia”, – said the Russian President, adding that Russia supports the “seriousness of our partners on a long-term fruitful work in Russia.”

“We will do everything to make them feel comfortable to develop your business”, – said Putin.

According to him, additional opportunities for expanding business relationships provides the beginning of functioning of the Eurasian economic Union, since Indian companies will be able to work on this massive market with millions of consumers on a single, more liberal conditions.

“Let me reiterate: we are interested in close, constructive cooperation between Russian and Indian business circles. We will continue to listen carefully to your ideas and to your suggestions to help in the implementation of promising joint projects”, – concluded Putin.

He also noted that the trade turnover between Russia and India there has been a decline due to external factors – fluctuations in demand and volatility of currencies.

“The main task now – to use all opportunities for diversification of Russian-Indian relations, actively promote projects in areas such as high technology, innovation, energy, aviation and engineering, medicine, diamond industry,” – said the President of the Russian Federation.

Putin has also offered to conduct twice a year meetings of leaders of Russia and India with the business circles of the two countries.

“Could be, if it is of interest to ask our organizers from the Russian and Indian business a couple of times a year to conduct such meetings devoted to cooperation in the field of Economics and business. Once assembled in India, the second – in Russia,” Putin said.

In his view, the business circles of Russia and India don’t see any possibilities for doing joint projects. Therefore, the forums held twice a year, will help to solve this problem. “Russian tourists do not fully understand the potential of India, I think the business community fully understands the potential of India,” said modi. The Prime Minister assured that will strongly help in the implementation of the idea of holding regular business forums.

“Russia is our most loyal partner”

Narendra modi invited Russian business to invest more actively in India. “Russia is our most loyal partner, especially in the field of defense, security, so I came to invite our partner to become a partner in the economic progress of our country,” said modi.

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Assessment of the Indian Prime Minister, “Russia holds a leading position in many areas – aerospace, information technology, heavy industry”. Modi believes that India made efforts will assist the parish in its economy of investment and companies from other countries, primarily from Russia. For example, he cited the program “Made in India” to help India become a “global manufacturing center”.

“We want our country was the easiest for doing business”, said modi. According to him, to achieve this goal, India has with Russia. “India and Russia have always been together,” the Prime Minister said, proposing to hold meetings with businessmen of the two countries on a regular basis. To facilitate interaction between business circles of the two countries it considers necessary to establish a special Internet portal.