Putin: Russia’s banks and ensured the stability of enterprises

Putin: Russia’s banks and ensured the stability of enterprises

Russian banks had to work under difficult conditions – limited access to external markets, low oil prices and currency fluctuations, said the head of state.

MOSCOW, 24 Dec. Russian companies and banks in a difficult economic environment could provide the stability businesses, said President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with representatives of business circles of the country, which took place in the Kremlin.

“Russian companies, banks operated under conditions of limited access to external markets, great importance has played a low oil price, and then, of course, fluctuations in currency derived from this. But despite the difficult conditions, the objective difficulties you ensured the stable operation of enterprises, kept labor groups”, — Putin said, referring to the heads of large companies and banks.

The head of state noted the desire of Russian companies to keep teams in difficult conditions, although some for this we have to reduce working hours. “Overall, in my opinion, very correct approach. You need very careful especially to highly qualified personnel”, — said the President.

According to him, “business, certainly, to adapt to difficult conditions”. “Importantly, our company do not lose the strategic vision of development, improve their efficiency, invest in new facilities and strive to develop new markets”, — said the President, noting the serious attention the business pays to the development of new technologies.

“It is, indeed, a key factor of competitiveness both within the country and abroad, — said Putin. — I’ll tell you straight: your active presence in global markets, new disruptive technologies, unique products that you create — all of this contributed to the increase and authority, and prestige, and strengthening the sovereignty of Russia”.