Visa and MasterCard have cut off some Russian banks

Visa and MasterCard have cut off some Russian banks

Moscow. December 24. Six Russian banks are disconnected from payment systems Visa and MasterCard, reported Thursday in Vedomosti.

On Tuesday, the office of foreign assets control (OFAC) of the U.S. Treasury Department expanded sanctions against Russia. Blacklist (SDN, with the strictest sanctions) added to the GenBank, Krayinvestbank, Bank “Tver” and the Sevastopol marine Bank (SMBS), as well as Interbank and Mosoblbank.

GenBank, Krayinvestbank, “upper” and the PSC was included in the list due to the fact that work actively in Crimea, and the other two are related to one and a half years under sanctions “SMP Bank” and its shareholders – the brothers Rotenberg. Interbank is a “daughter” of SMP Bank and Mosoblbank is located at the last on rehabilitation.

The publication notes that some of the transactions on the cards of these banks yesterday became impossible due to the fact that the international payment system to turn off these banks. Several bankers told “Vedomosti” that the international payment system, issued the appropriate notice.

The MasterCard representative has indicated that due to the announcement of new U.S. sanctions servicing of transactions on the cards for Accessions and “upper” may be carried out according to the rules of the National system of payment cards (nvqs).

The Visa representative said that “sectoral sanctions reported by the Treasury Department, do not affect operations on transactions using Visa cards”. However, note the “Vedomosti”, he ignored the question about the servicing banks, the blacklisted.