Lawyer: case against Russian political and Hlubina is completely fabricated

Lawyer: case against Russian political and Hlubina is completely fabricated

KIEV, December 25. Criminal case on charge of the citizen of the Russian Federation Oleg Hlubina “in an unfinished attempt to participate in a terrorist organization is “fabricated”. This was stated by the correspondent of TASS the lawyer of the Russian citizen, the founder of the organization “Fund for legal assistance to aliens “Odyssey” Valentin Rybin.

“The case against Oleg is political and completely fabricated. He is charged with “an unfinished attempt at participation in a terrorist organization”, but it has no relation to any terrorist organizations, is not a professional or reserve military, he is an ordinary citizen who got into commonplace life back,” said the lawyer.

The circumstances of the case

According to Rybin, Oleg is also charged that he illegally crossed the border, but it is not true.

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“On February 19 Hlupin set out from Volgograd on the territory of the proclaimed Luhansk people’s Republic to visit his blind father-the disabled person, while officially bought a ticket on the bus. February 20, arrived in Lugansk, got into a taxi, and when you move the checkpoint of the Ukrainian armed forces taxi driver gave it to “volunteers” and said, “Here I brought you these separatist – hold”, – the lawyer explained.

After that Hlubina illegally held until March 4, it for 12 days were subjected to violence – torture and threats of death from the military personnel of the Ukrainian armed forces and members of the so-called territorial battalions “Aidar” and “Tornado”. “All these facts are recorded in the medical documents that I received on their attorneys sent to prison. He had injuries of varying severity,” said Rybin.

Trumped-up “disorderly”

The lawyer also stressed that the materials of the case against the Russian “prove it’s not just the absurdity of the accusations, and a complete “disorder” of law enforcement agencies even in the moments of fabricating documents”. “Here, for example, the record includes handwritten explanations of Oleg, with single sheet dated 4 March and the second on February 20. These two completely identical sheet of his explanations are contained in the judicial records, that is, there is full documentation of the crimes by prosecutors and SBU” – said Rybin.

The lawyer believes that this is done in order to hide the fact that Khlopin was tortured for 12 days.

The further procedure

Currently Hlupin is in jail in Kiev.

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The decision of the court the measure of restraint in form of detention is extended until 12 January 2016. The last hearing of his case took place on December 22 in a videoconference. The court made the decision to transfer Hlubina in Lugansk region. “I asked the court not to adopt such solutions due to the complexity and danger of its transportation, but the court did not listen,” said the lawyer.

The next meeting will be held on January 18, which will address the evidence against them.

In General, the lawyer noted that he has to face tremendous misunderstanding and opposition of the court. “Today, until we can prove to the court that we should stop torturing Oleg, just to release him and to close the case because the man was just a victim of circumstances. But I’m doing all I can to court to show the absurdity and groundlessness of the accusations and the failure even of syllable production,” explained Rybin.

The position of the Russian foreign Ministry

The Russian side will follow the fate of the arrested in Ukraine citizen of the Russian Federation Oleg Hlubina and to make against him was an injustice. This was stated at a briefing Director of the Department of information and press of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. “Forces of the Russian Embassy established supply Hlubina necessities – clothing, food, etc., – said official representative of Russian foreign Ministry. – Contact with relatives of the defendant. The actions of the Ukrainian security services we deemed absolute impunity and permissiveness, like pure politically biased attempts against the Russian citizen”.