Matviyenko: Russia has stood in the past year, despite the sanctions and pressure

Matviyenko: Russia has stood in the past year, despite the sanctions and pressure

MOSCOW, 25 Dec. Russia has stood in 2015, despite the sanctions and pressure, its safety is protected, the first signs of economic recovery, said the Federation Council speaker Valentina Matvienko.

“The outgoing year was one of the most challenging in the modern history of Russia, despite sanctions pressure, and we did not flinch, survived. Our sovereignty remains inviolable, our security is protected, we provide a tangible impact on global development. The first signs that the country is on the eve of the resumption of economic growth,” she said in an interview with “Parlamentskaya Gazeta”.

Matviyenko also noted the “unanimous support of the President, policy of the state”, in particular, in the decision on Syria. “People support the government, is capable of firmly and confidently, effectively respond to emerging challenges and threats, to defend the sovereignty and dignity of the country, the lives of its citizens,” she said.

All this is done, said the speaker of the Federation Council, without prejudice of rights and freedoms, without limitation of the principles of democracy, rule of law, the other provisions of the Constitution.

Thus, considers Matvienko, many European States, in fact, “already forgotten what real sovereignty, with independent internal and foreign policy”. “In fact, they are under external management. Perform coming from outside of the Directive, even if they do not meet their interests,” she said.

According to the speaker of the Federation Council, far beyond the examples do not walk. “Everyone has long been clear that the policy of sanctions against Russia has failed. However, to lift the sanctions without the consent of Washington, the West not solved. If to call things by their proper names, think and behave like vassals,” — said Matvienko.