RF MFA: Russian citizen arrested in Israel by order of U.S. authorities

RF MFA: Russian citizen arrested in Israel by order of U.S. authorities

MOSCOW, December 25. The foreign Ministry demands that Israel provide all the information about the arrest of Russian Burkova (name not given) and allow him to consuls of the Russian Federation. This was stated by Commissioner of the Russian foreign Ministry on issues of human rights, democracy and rule of law Konstantin Dolgov.

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According to the Embassy of Russia in tel Aviv, December 13 at the international airport named Ben-Gurion airport by the Israeli police detained the citizen of Russia A. Y. Burkov, informed Debts. “On December 24, the Israeli side on our respective inquiries was informed that the arrest was made in accordance with the order of the competent authorities of the U.S.,” he added.

“We strongly condemn this another case of extraterritorial application of U.S. law against the citizen of the Russian Federation, – said the diplomat. – This is totally unacceptable practice has already taken a chronic character.”

“The American authorities stubbornly continue to violate the relevant rules of international law, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of Russian citizens, ignore the bilateral legal base in the field of law enforcement. Again we represent and warrant that it is a dead end, even more complicating the already-stricken, not our fault, difficult times of Russian-American relations,” Dolgov said.

“We demand the immediate provision of all information about the grounds of arrest of the citizen of the Russian Federation and the organization of urgent consular access to him, – said the diplomat. – We hope that Israeli authorities will not allow extradition Burkova A. Y. in the U.S., where he, like many other Russian citizens, surely would have expected politicized and biased “justice”.

“Unacceptable practice”

Moscow considers unacceptable the practice of arrest of Russians in the U.S. in third countries and will strongly defend the rights of citizens of the Russian Federation, said earlier Debts.

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“We recorded 21 cases of extradition, U.S. authorities the arrest warrants of Russian citizens in third countries for their extradition to the United States, including the actual kidnapping of Russian citizen Roman Seleznev in the Maldives, – he noted. Last case – the arrest in Finland on December 19 of this year the authorities of this country the citizen of Russia Yury Efremov”.

“Consider this to be unacceptable, contrary to international law, in particular, the provisions of the Treaty on mutual legal assistance in criminal matters of 1999, – said Debts. – Will firmly uphold the rights and freedoms of our citizens both in the Russian-American line, and via bilateral channels of cooperation with “third” countries, as well as in international institutions”.

“This work (assistance to the Russians who are in US prisons) will continue, this is the most important vector of our work”, – assured the diplomat.

They are our citizens, steal, steal around the world, contrary to the existing agreement between us, whereby we at least need to be informed that a citizen has committed a crime, let will look into it

Sergey Lavrov
the Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation