The General staff: the aircraft of the Russian Federation on 24 December caused almost 200 strikes on militants in Syria

The General staff: the aircraft of the Russian Federation on 24 December caused almost 200 strikes on militants in Syria

MOSCOW, December 25. Russian aviation 24 December inflicted on militants in Syria 189 strikes, including 47 unscheduled, on targets identified from the provisions of the duty on the airfield and in the air.

This was reported to journalists by the chief of the main operations Directorate of the General staff Sergey rudskoy.

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“Yesterday alone was applied 189 to target gangs, of which 142 planned, the rest were re-identified, from the provisions of the duty on the airfield and in the air,” he said.

According to the General, in a dynamic and changing environment unplanned attacks are most effective as they don’t allow terrorists to get out of fire.

Rudskoy also reported that Russian aviation since the beginning of operations in Syria has fulfilled 5240 sorties, of which 145 made the Long aircraft. “With September 30, the Russian aviation group in Syria made 5240 fighting departures, including departures 145 aircraft missile and strategic long-range bomber aircraft”, – he said.

According to him, the Russian space forces is applied to daily air strikes on key infrastructure, strong points, clusters of military equipment and manpower of terrorists. “This has created a multilevel system intelligence, providing reliable identification of targets of the militants”, – said rudskoy.

The Russian military is continuing to obtain data on the militants in Syria from the opposition

He also said that the Russian military continues to receive regular information about objects of terrorists in Syria from the “Patriotic opposition”. “We are in constant contact with the command of Syrian government troops and detachments of the Patriotic opposition. Them routinely received additional information on newly identified facilities of the terrorists,” he said.

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Decisions on strikes are accepted after further exploration, he said. According to the General, this scheme significantly improves the efficiency and effectiveness of attacks.

The General noted that over the past week in Aleppo province by Syrian government forces with the support of Russian aviation had been released five settlements. According to him, in the province of Aleppo, government forces continue to expand the security zone around the airfield Quires, develop the offensive in the South-West Idlib.

“With the support of Russian aviation, government forces and troops Patriotic opposition continue to conduct offensive operations against the bandits in all directions. The greatest success has been achieved in the provinces of Aleppo, Latakia and suburbs of Damascus,” he said.

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“In the suburbs of Damascus, government forces established control over settlement Marj Sultan and continue to conduct RAID action, narrowing the encirclement of illegal armed groups in the areas Nashabe, Nola, the state Duma, Dibdin,” said rudskoy.

In addition, the Syrian army with air support HQs established control over a key for the onset height of the Jebel knob and clean out militants from the settlement Kepir in Latakia. “In the province of Latakia assault troops of the Syrian army waged offensives in the Northern and Eastern areas,” said rudskoy. He noted that on the directions of Cbana and Sirmania stripped from the militants an important height and locality Caper. “Set the control key for the offensive of the height of Jebel noba,” he said rudskoy.

Russia is ready to transfer data to partners about the “Islamic state”

He noted that the Russian military is prepared to provide partners with the coordinates of the “Islamic state” and expect reciprocity. “We are ready to provide our partners with feature coordinates of the LIH (formerly banned in Russia grouping “Islamic state” – approx.) and look forward to the mutual information infrastructure of terrorist organizations,” said rudskoy.

The General also expressed hope that “representatives of the international coalition will take into account existing DoD information and will take steps to destroy objects of terrorists”. “You have to understand, is direct looting of Syria, and the profit from the smuggling of any product goes to the content ISIL, and any country that is involved in this illegal business, is an accomplice of international terrorism”, – said the head of the main operational Directorate of the General staff.