The head of Petrozavodsk Sirchio dismissed

The head of Petrozavodsk Sirchio dismissed

Earlier, the deputies asked the head of Petrozavodsk Galina Chisinau with the requirement about resignation in connection with the failure as the mayor of the authority.

MOSCOW, 25 Dec. Deputies of Petrozavodsk city Council at session on Friday has accepted resignation of the head of the regional centre, Galina Chisinau that the elections in 2013 was supported by the party “Yabloko”. Shirshina dismissed for dereliction of office.

Voted 23 deputies, “against” — 3 deputies. The decision was made”, — said after the vote, the Chairman of Petrozavodsk city Council Gennadiy Bodnarchuk.

Under the Charter of Petrozavodsk the decision on the resignation of the mayor is considered adopted if voted for by not less than two thirds of the established number of deputies of the city Council. In Petrozavodsk city Council of deputies 30.

Earlier initiative group of deputies presented the head of Petrozavodsk appropriate treatment of resignation on 68 sheets signed by 22 deputies of the city Council, stating the specific facts of the failure of the mayor of the authority in accordance with the law.

In particular, the appeal States non-execution “for three months or more duties under the decision of questions of local value”. Deputies say that was the General plan of Petrozavodsk, including items relating to the construction of treatment facilities of storm water drainage, reconstruction of water treatment facilities, translation consumers of liquefied natural gas, organization of Parking lots, the elimination of bottlenecks of the road network.

In addition, according to the deputies, the mayor has not fulfilled state authority for social security of children-orphans with housing, no activity for construction of new public housing for the entire length of the guide Chisineu not entered any dwelling.

The head of Petrozavodsk Galina Shirshina previously reported that does not agree with the claims of deputies and in the case of a decision on the resignation intends to go to court.